Fixtures Bonus 2023: What Documents To Keep

    Fixtures Bonus 2023: What Documents To Keep

    The Fixtures Bonus allows you to take advantage of a tax deduction calculated on the costs incurred to replace windows and fixtures in your home. Let us see in the following article the details of the measure and the documents to be kept.


    the Match rewards It is a facility that allows you to take advantage of financial derogation For expenses incurred to replace windows and fixtures in your home.

    Let’s take a closer look at how the incentive works and what documents Which is essential Memorizes in order to benefit from it.

    Fixtures Bonus 2023: How to get it

    A man with a red shirt made a window with precision industrial tools

    the Match rewards consists of one financial derogation Recognized for interventions to replace windows and fixtures.

    Documents to be kept

    In order to benefit from the bonus, the applicant must maintain the following documents:

    • invoices relating to expenses incurred;
    • bank transfer receipts;
    • The origin of the “intervention descriptive paper”;
    • Sworn statement
    • Product Data Sheets and CE marking with relevant Declarations of Performance (DoP);
    • A copy of the Certificate of Energy Performance (APE), but this document is not necessary in the case of a single property unit;
    • The decision of the shareholder meeting approving the implementation of the works and schedule A for the distribution of expenses in case of interventions on the common common parts;
    • Declaration by the owner of his consent to carry out the works if the interventions are carried out by the owner of the property;
    • A printed copy of the e-mail sent by Enea containing the CPID code that serves as a guarantee that the intervention descriptive form has been sent.

    Bonus Fixtures 2023: How It Works


    The reward is recognized, as mentioned, in the case of interventions aimed at replacing windows and fixtures in the house, and allows access to financial derogation calculated on the costs incurred.


    there percent However, the deduction varies according to the house bonus to which the fixture redemption is associated:

    • with the Restructuring bonus There is a tax deduction 50% On the total costs incurred, max 96,000 euros. The discount is payable in ten equal annual instalments;
    • with the’ecobonus There is a discount from 50% Of the total expenditures, max 60 thousand euros (Alternatively, a discount may be applied to the invoice, or a tax credit transferred);
    • with the superbonusHowever, the tax deduction equals 110% On the expenses incurred, to be expended on Five annual installments of the same amount.
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