Fitness model Roberrick throws herself into the crowd at Café del Mar and groping: “You’re naughty”

    Fitness model Roberrick throws herself into the crowd at Café del Mar and groping:

    In hindsight, he admitted that he had done nothing “too clever”, but, having decided to throw himself into the crowd, did not justify the fact that, under the pretext of catching her, many took the opportunity to insistently touch her from the breast.

    Roberta Carluccio, a fitness model known by the nickname Roberta Ric, is the guest of the night at the disco who, at one point, decided to throw herself off the stage into the crowd, only to find herself, instead of hands ready and supported, hands slipping all over the place. Then the girl entrusted her revolution to Instagram where she posted the video, and asserts that she still wants to denounce behavior that finds no justification, without wanting to make any kind of “victim”. It is a matter of respect.

    “It is a pity that such a beautiful moment has been spoiled by a fool – writes the girl -. Now all Italy can watch you hateful.” “I don’t know if what happened was more serious or the fact that I might have had to anticipate it – asserts -. Having said I didn’t post this thing to hurt infinite media but I feel compelled to show the other side of the coin, I feel I have to protect Other creators and women in general. We’re obviously not given the privilege to act the way we want to. Having said that, I wanted to thank the club staff for helping me and the other people who attended the event to support me and give me their affection, I love you” girl, as I mentioned, in some stories she made it clear from Yes, for her part, the gesture may have been “not very clever,” but that, he asserts, does not justify what happened: “I was having fun, I wanted to do this thing here—and concludes—even if, in my opinion, certain things should not be done regardless “.

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