Fishing: The US and UK are battling over fishing limits for Chilean sea bass

    Fishing: The US and UK are battling over fishing limits for Chilean sea bass

    Russia managed to get the United States and the United Kingdom to quarrel among themselves. How? Refusal to set fishing limits for Chilean sea bass.

    What you see below is one Chilean wolf fish (or Patagonian sea bass or Dissostichus eleginoides, call it what you want): It is the scam fish that causes US and UK brawl but to him fishing limits. And on this whole issue there is a Russian hand that decided to block attempts to define the limits of fishing.

    Last year, when there was already an atmosphere of turmoil between the West and Russia over Ukraine, the country led by Putin Chilean sea bass fishing limits rejected Established by the Antarctic Biological Resource Conservation Commission, a weight regulatory body made up of 26 countries.

    Chilean wolf fish

    So this spring, the UK, which last year also quarreled with France over fishing rights in the Canal, decided to respond to this in its own way, Issuance of license for four ships The British flag is raised in order to hunt this species off the coast of South Georgia, a remote uninhabited island about 1,600 kilometers east of the Falkland Islands and controlled by Great Britain.

    But according to US officials, this would violate the commission’s rules: UK bathing suits would be illegal. According to Will McCallum, Head of Oceans at Greenpeace, the UK’s decision risks creating a file A perilous precedent. According to McCallum, Russia’s willingness to benefit from this international cooperation cannot justify the unilateral action of other members.

    For his part, one of the officials of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, who is responsible for issuing licenses with the British Foreign Office, explained that he decided to do so in order not to bow to the Russia’s obstructive tactics.

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