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Fisco, executive actions take place in August: the current account is at risk


Rebooting the financial system will put the checking account of taxpayers in arrears at risk. But there is a solution.

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It is not yet certain that the collection mechanisms will take effect in earnest from June 30th. While waiting for the supposed additional extension of taxpayer relief from the tax burden, it is best to take precautions in time, as if the deadlines had not changed. Also because there is still uncertainty about the opposite. Basically, since the end of June Tax debts will start again, with a maturity of thirty days. Horizon July 31 So, Saturday. Without forgetting that for this reason, the date of Monday 2 August is what counts

Therefore, with the advent of the sun, it will be necessary to monitor the current account. No matter how each account holder deals with the crisis, The IRS car is ready to run again For a large segment of the population, this could be another blow. For the time being at least, it is better not to rely too much on the possibility of an extension, even if the work of Parliament and ad hoc committees appears to be moving in that direction.

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Current Account, Cold Showers in August: How to Avoid Enforcement Actions

The calendar is in hand, the date of June 30 is not far away. And by the way, since it is a period of crisis, the period of August 2nd is not. For taxpayer checking account, alarm is triggered when collection activity You will begin to carry out enforcement procedures again. Indeed, for those who will not be on that date in order, this may even lead to the closure of the checking account. According to the law, in some cases, salaries and pensions will also be at risk, which can be subject to a drawdown in proportion to the amount.

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The Revenue Agency, through the Report on Fiscal Coordination 2021, confirms future actions by the tax authorities. Among them is making a current account available to a specific taxpayer for specific checks. However, we must remember that, If the amounts are too high or unsustainable By August 2, it will be possible to proceed with the installment payments, by submitting an application to the Revenue Agency for collection, no later than July 31. Otherwise, executive action will be incurred.

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