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First Soldier, new launch window and details revealed – Nerd4.life

First Soldier, new launch window and details revealed - Nerd4.life

Square Enix announced the release of launch period from Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, the casual battle royale game for iOS and Android mobile devices. During Tokyo Game Show 2021, producer Tetsuya Nomura revealed that the game will be available within a month NovemberWith pre-registration starting early this month.

During the digital event, Nomura also shared more details about how the game has changed over the past few months and some gameplay features. The development team carefully listened to players’ feedback during the closed beta and made changes accordingly. One of the most popular requests was a file controller support Which, as producer Shoichi Ichikawa confirmed, has already been made into the game.

The educational course It has been completely revolutionized and now includes both a mode that helps players adapt to the mechanics of battle royale and one that is specific to those of Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. Added to all this is a training area in which you can practice freely.

Developers always listen to players’ feedback, and have made changes to parts exchange systemThanks to this, users can exchange the materials they got from monsters and chests for things of different types, which will change with each season.

Final Fantasy VII: Soldier I, Slums of Sector 7
Final Fantasy VII: Soldier I, Slums of Sector 7

Game modes include both standard and ranked matches. Players will be rewarded with items every time they enter one of the seven competitive match rankings, with the best of each season also getting codenames to show off on their profile. Still about it, Ishikawa confirmed that Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier You will not be paid to win, but depending on the skills of the players, with all the microtransactions that should relate exclusively to the purchase of things to customize the avatar.

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There will be no real story mode, but there will be three characters known to old fans of the series that will expand the traditions of Final Fantasy 7, more details of which will be revealed at a later time. To stay on topic, The First Soldier is set before Cloud’s adventure, Barret and co, in a virtual reality simulation that Shinra built to train SOLDIERs and many of the locations will be similar to those seen in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Finally, Ichikawa confirmed that in the game it will be possible to drive vehicles and upgrade your characters by eliminating monsters Found in the game map. These, among other things, will target players even as they clash with each other, adding PvE mechanics to the really interesting on-card matches.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices in November, with pre-registration starting during October.

To stay on topic, Naoki Yoshida recently revealed updates on the development of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI.

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