Find this coin now and get rich – here’s any. Photo

     Find this coin now and get rich - here's any.  Photo

    From childhood we learn to understand the fundamental importance of money, an indispensable component of being able to live at least decently: for many, money is the main concern of being able to live, but it is also the “main goal” of work. Structurally also, the concept of “money” has had a fundamental influence on the development of societies as we know them today. The concept of physical currency is still interesting for many people today, because by observing the various forms of monetary issues it is also possible to understand many other details, as well as being able to value ancient coins in an economic way.

    historical currency

    The Italian lira highlights this “dynamism” in at least an obvious way: in the past two centuries our country has changed radically, again and again, and this is evident from the coins. That is why Italian “ancient coinage” is so interesting to collectors, regardless of the time period. Historically, there is a tendency to separate the history of the Italian lira into 3 “parts”, the first consisting of the “creation” of the concept of the lira as a currency, dating back to the early nineteenth century, at the hands of the Kingdom of Italy founded by Napoleon I. Then the lira was used by the pre-unification kingdoms in the north of the country and later by the Kingdom of Italy starting in 1861. The last part of the lira’s history dates back to the second half of the last century with the establishment of the Italian Republic

    Find this coin now and get rich – here’s any. Photo

    Even a very popular coin like 50 traditional lira volcano It can be very profitable, provided you get rare specimens like those in Experience, in small numbers during the “testing” phase. In fact, 50 lira has been in widespread use for half a century, and has been produced starting in the 1950s. Prior to 1954, the year of the “First Appearance”, Mint He made many “prototypes”, and among these the most interesting ones are certainly 50 lira projectwhich is completely different from the one that went into production: instead of the god Vulcan there is an anvil on a stone, the image of which was later “discarded” in the final version.

    The value of one of these extremely rare coins turned out to be high, even above 28 thousand euro!


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