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Find out a secret, very bad, almost useless post – Nerd4.life

Find out a secret, very bad, almost useless post - Nerd4.life

Nintendo Switch It’s been around in guys’ homes for nearly the whole four years now, but it looks like there are still some Secret To discover. The hybrid console of the Kyoto home was recently in a small discovery center: ZL and ZR are pressed simultaneously while the home page shows the percentage of charging the battery, Above the icon. You can see it in the Reddit post down below.

We don’t know, in all honesty, how many people already know this secret function, but the post that reported this feature in the sub-reddit dedicated to the Japanese game machine has already achieved more than 8,200 likes (At the time of writing), so we’re assuming many were not aware of this Nintendo Switch feature.

Obviously, that’s not the only way to figure out the percentage: the view can be selected through the normal Nintendo Switch settings, but in case you don’t want to see the number always (after all you might find it a bit ugly), you can roll it back by pressing ZL and ZR if Needed. The truth is, this is a “secret” job, however Completely useless.

However, it’s always a good idea to discover something new on your console. These little functions not explained by the Nintendo Switch help give the product always a certain veil of mystery.

Nintendo Switch is always themed: Two new first party games will be announced soon, says one of the leaks.

Til if you mash the ZL and ZR buttons, you can see the Switch’s battery percentage. very nice! From R / nintendo switch

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