Finally you won’t have any more problems

    Finally you won’t have any more problems
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    Washing machine – a passion for technology

    Expensive energy has been spreading across Europe for several months, evidently after the conflict in Ukraine which led to a series of sequences on the economic level and above all on the energy level.

    Despite this, we still use electricity a lot today. Nowadays, we use household appliances excessively and extensively in the home environment. Between the electric oven, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, air fryer, refrigerator, etc., there are many appliances that we have at our disposal to perform the most varied daily tasks, from the daily preparation and cooking of our food, all the way to washing and cleaning our clothes.

    Today we are going to focus specifically on the washing machine that we use almost every day to wash our clothes. In fact, there is a special trick in using the washing machine that can actually be very useful: let’s find out together in detail what it is.

    One of the main tips when we go to use the washing machine is not to overload it compared to the actual capacity of the washing machine.

    In fact, if every day he advises you to wash only and with a full load (obviously in order to save), you should not go beyond that in the exact opposite mode.

    Palm trick

    In fact, if you find yourself overloading, it can lead to repeat washing again, as it will inevitably lead to poor cleaning of the garment. In addition, clothes that are crowded inside the drum can become excessively wrinkled, leading to an increased need for ironing later on.

    It is precisely on this that the palm trick comes in handy, allowing us to measure the size of the washer with sufficient accuracy. In this case, it is sufficient to simply place your hand inside the drum of the washing machine, and if there is enough space between the drum and the load of clothes, then the load is correct in terms of function. So the water will be able to run without the problems of ‘overcrowding’ from the clothes, which can lead to the problems we mentioned earlier.

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    Palm Trick – Tech Passion

    In addition, an overloaded washing machine also leads to problems with the function of the machine itself, which thus translates into calls to a specialized technician and higher maintenance costs, which we can avoid simply by reducing the load inside the washing machine drum itself.

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