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Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Tifa of candylion.cos cosplay ready for action – Nerd4.life

Tifa's cosplay from win_winry is simple and complete - Nerd4.life

teva From Final Fantasy 7 Remake (And of course Final Fantasy 7) is a classic for i disguise, one of those that all cosplayers sooner or later have to dress up as, given its appeal to the general public. It’s a bit like a sunflower test, as evidenced by candylion.cos’ interpretation, which found a particularly action-ready and dynamic Tifa.

The costume It is in itself made in a practically perfect way and is reproduced in every detail, including the hairstyle. candylion.cos however, instead of abandoning Tifa in some canonical poses, chooses to take her outside, making her face to the outside world as if she were working.

For the few who don’t know, Tifa is one of the most beloved characters in Final Fantasy 7, both for her cuteness and for her combat. Her feminine personality contrasts with that of Eris, who is definitely more angelic.

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