Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Exclusive: Naoki Yoshida explains why he made the choice

    Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Exclusive: Naoki Yoshida explains why he made the choice

    It will not be a new set of information about Final Fantasy 16 Complete without the inevitable referenceExclusively on PS5 By Naoki Yoshida, a point where the producer has expressed himself in several previous issues and which he also returned in an interview published by Game Informer, explaining Reasons to choose Square Enix.

    According to product reports, the publisher had considered “all options” during development, apparently. “Final Fantasy is one of Square Enix’s most important franchises along with Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts, when we start development we need a broad approach, Consider all platforms and various companies in order to release, Yoshida explained.

    “When we contact these companies, they respond to us with theirs OffersYoshida added, explaining that Square Enix had better evaluated Sony’s offer, making Final Fantasy 16 a PS5 exclusive. It didn’t hurt, we read on the site in question, that PlayStation and Square Enix already have a long collaboration relationship that has included several offers. other exclusives in the past.

    “From a developer perspective, limiting development to a single system not only makes things easier for us, but also enables us better improvement“The ability to make the most of a system’s potential and just focus on that,” Yoshida explained.

    In short, this is the usual rhetoric Yoshida has already given before, but in this case he made it clear that Square Enix is ​​still taking an open-ended approach at first, and then choosing the best counter-offer from the companies contacted. This also confuses the question of whether there are other versions of Final Fantasy 16.

    The PC version is practically unknown, even if Yoshida seems to want to do everything to discourage Final Fantasy 16 purchases on PC by explicitly advising them not to wait months to get it on Windows and instead opt for the PS5 version. What seems to be more complicated is the possibility of the game coming to other consoles such as Xbox Series X | sgiven the close connection that seems to set the game apart with the PS5.

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