Final Fantasy 16: Demo Coming Soon, Will It Be A PlayStation Showcase Ad?

    Final Fantasy 16: Demo Coming Soon, Will It Be A PlayStation Showcase Ad?

    Obviously, we won’t have to wait much longer to see when we can experience it firsthand Final Fantasy 16. Producer Naoki Yoshida actually revealed that Exit date from Free demo The highly anticipated PS5 exclusive will be announced soon.

    This detail was revealed by Yoshi-P (the nickname the producer has adopted to interact with the community) during a live “Letter from Producer LXXVII” dedicated to Final Fantasy 14 newcomers. Specifically, it is promised that the date the Final Fantasy 16 demo will be revealed Soon, accompanied by details on the contents of this beta and possibly more news about the game.

    Yoshida didn’t mention an exact date, but given the increasingly persistent rumors about Sony’s big event at hand and that Square Enix has confirmed it will be publishing the demo for Final Fantasy 16 about two weeks before launch, at this point it’s plausible that the announcement would mark the rumors. Playstation show Which should take place in late May or early June at the latest. It would also be an ideal showcase for the game, given the strategic importance in the 2023 PS5 exclusive lineup.

    Jokingly, he also added that once Final Fantasy 16 is released, he will discuss with the “Final Fantasy 14 Producer” any Transitions between the two addresses. The joke in this case is that Yoshida is the producer of both games, so the decision is entirely in his hands, but in any case it seems like he’s actually interested in making similar content.

    Just a few days ago, Square Enix released a set of five Final Fantasy 16 gameplay videos, which show different aspects of the gameplay, especially the story mode and the characters that will accompany Clive Rosfield on his journey.

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