Final Fantasy 16, a new extended gameplay video from the state of play in April 2023

    Final Fantasy 16, a new extended gameplay video from the state of play in April 2023

    As I promised Gameplay dated April 13, 2023 Just focus on Final Fantasy 16 showed a Long play video In the new Square Enix game, which allows you to take a deeper look at the different elements of the game and the game world.

    With a release date set for June 22, 2023, let’s see some features of Final Fantasy 16 in this long gameplay video stream over the course of 25 minutes A state of play from Square Enix and Sony Playstation. We especially talk about the world, characters, powers, and revelations that bring to life epic and breathtaking battles between mythical beings.

    Presented by Naoki Yoshida, the video shows some cutscenes and gameplay, highlighting the story elements, explorable game world, and combat system of Final Fantasy 16.

    The producer confirmed that the game has no direct links to the other chapters of the series, and therefore it can also be played by beginners.

    It is also the first fact Action RPG In the series, equipped with a very practical setting regarding the combat system, but with RPG elements related to character management and development. The story follows the protagonist Clive through different periods of his life, from his teens to his twenties to his thirties.

    navigate in games World It takes place through a world map with different points of interest defined, which increase as new areas are discovered, allowing direct passage from one place to another, since it is not an open world, in this case.

    L’Clive Evolution It takes place through a classic graph in the style of a traditional skill tree, investing points earned in combat to unlock new skills or enhance existing ones. These abilities and characteristics also depend on the Eikon associated with the character, which leads to some distinct items.

    The video also features Torval, a wolf who accompanies Clive on every adventure and can also be used in combat. At some point in the story, the protagonist unlocks access tomaster cache, which is a kind of hub that allows you to access various shops, power-ups and training areas. In addition, in this area it is possible to obtain information about the main and secondary quests as well as keep track of the story events and the different characters encountered.

    Finally, some fights between icon, which presents itself as the most exciting moment in Final Fantasy 16, setting up massive battles between mythical beings fighting each other with particularly powerful blows and magic. At the end of the video, the music is also stated to be composed by Kenshi Yonezu.

    We recently saw two new videos from PAX East 2023 about Chocobo and Titan. We also learned that Final Fantasy 16 is gold: development is “over” on PS5 and there will be no delays, with a release still confirmed for June 22, 2023.

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