Figure Skating: Super Rezo! The second free-throw blue at the World Cup gives the team fourth place to Italy

    Figure Skating: Super Rezo!  The second free-throw blue at the World Cup gives the team fourth place to Italy

    closes with one Great performance by Matteo Rizzo World Cup 2023This weekend, the figure skating team competition was held in Japan, specifically in Tokyo. The Blue Gem had indeed invaded Second place in the men’s individual free programSetting a new personal best and allowing Italy to occupy fourth place, just nine points behind the third place occupied by the hosts.

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    Mateo, for the occasion with the help of Japanese coach Miki Ando, ​​took off by drafting a program of 187.35 points, Which touched it up to 100 in tech (99.24) He gets close to the 90-point area in the components (88.11) thanks to a performance that places great emphasis on the qualitative component, as he manages to correctly execute the quadruple toe loop and quadruple loop, as well as the sequence in the triple axle / double axle bonus area. So while twisting the triple axle single, pupil Franca Bianconi has it Give way to South Cha Only for the difference in the second outcome. In fact, The Oriental finished first with a score of 187.82 (95.94, 92.28). Third place instead Jason Brown with 183.43 (87.56, 95.87).

    Separate proof then Daniel Grasl, able to reach sixth place with a score of 173.53 (91.81, 81.72) by completing two quadruples, a lutz and a loop, and two triple axes (one of which is called a sottoruotato). Instead, two fell for Malinin’s super quad, and the fifth after two strides in the quadruple axle and in the quadruple lutz.

    Figure Skating: Team Conti-Macii takes third place in the free pairs at the World Team Cup

    the So the USA won the World Team CupThe undisputed leader of the tournament, who closed the scores with 120 points, ahead of South Korea, ranked second with 95, ahead of Japan, third with 94.83 points, then Italy.

    Final team ranking

    1 Team USA United States of America 12 10 10 9 12 12 12 12 120
    9 8 7 7
    2 Republic of Korea team KOR extension 11 12 12 12 7 7 7 7 95
    3 1 6 10
    3 Japan team JPN extension 6 5 11 11 11 11 9 8 94
    2 4 8 8
    4 Italy team ITA 7 11 4 5 9 10 11 11 83
    5 7 1 2
    5 France team between 10 9 5 6 8 8 8 9 80
    8 3 3 3
    6 Canada team Can 4 6 9 4 10 9 10 10 68

    Male Singles Free Program Rating

    Photo: Valerio Orrego

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