Fight the system to defy the laws. Prime Minister Elisha “downgraded” the target


    The challenge to the Elysee ended with the return of Emmanuel Macron to the Elysee. But the battle for France’s political future is still open, and now there are 48 days to move to another crucial election date, the vote for legislatures on June 12 and 19, when the French will be called to determine the composition of the commission. The new National Assembly has 577 deputies. It will depend on them the future government of France and the name of the new prime minister or new prime minister in Matignon, as Macron would like, if he continues to win.

    They are now calling it the “third round”, due to the tight date of the presidential election run-off. And the anti-regime forces, from the far left Jean-Luc Melenchon (third place by just 400,000 votes over Marine Le Pen in the first round of the presidential election), to the far right of the National Rally and Eric Zemmour, are all aiming for June. , to try to push Macron into a presidency divided in half, if not coexistence with an opposition prime minister.

    Mélenchon “Red” has already said so clearly, strong with 22% in the first round of the Elysée (out of 7.7 million votes total) and the governor in yesterday’s poll: “The third round has begun. We can defeat Macron.” The leader of the “People’s Union” demands the French to mobilize and form a “popular bloc” that can grab a majority in the parliament hall until he is appointed as the leader of the opposition as prime minister. The constitution states: If the head of state does not have a majority, he must appoint the leader of the opposition as head of government and see his powers reduced significantly. The government in accordance with Article 20 of the charter – “defines and directs the policy of the nation”, while the president is responsible “for ensuring compliance with the Constitution, ensuring the orderly conduct of public powers”, and to be “a guarantor of national independence, of the integrity of the territories and compliance with treaties”. All Department of International Affairs, an area dedicated to the Elysee.In the last three residences: between 1986 and 1988, with François Mitterrand as President (Socialist) and Jacques Chirac as Prime Minister (center-right).Then between 1993 and 1995, again between Mitterrand and Edouard Balladur (center-right) and finally, the last time, between President Chirac and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin (Socialist) between 1997 and 2002. Coexistence has not occurred since then, when the term of office of the head of state was reduced from 7 to 5 years and the presidential and legislative elections were simultaneous roughly, which made coexistence unlikely.

    But negotiations with the Greens (Elves) led by Yannick Gadot, who are more willing to join Mélenchon, the Communists (PCF) and anti-capitalists (Npa) have already begun. Informal contacts, there is still no electoral agreement. But it is clear that there will be an acceleration of the union of the left, the presidential elections are closed, and there will be socialists among the guests after the failure of the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo in the presidential election (1.75%). The goal is achievable, according to Melenchon, who is already making the calculations: “The Union of the People takes the lead in 104 electoral districts, in the second round (the possibility of legislation) in 423 electoral districts, and today it has 1.5 million more votes than Macron in the 2017 legislative elections. On paper there is Spare “.

    The occasion is alluring and tempting even to the far right, even more so than Eric Zemour and Marion Marechal, Marine Le Pen’s niece who became Zemour’s executive vice president of the Reconquête party. Both have already called “a great coalition of right-wing forces and all the patriots”: “We can hope for at least a relative majority, with 379 candidates in the second round, says the granddaughter of the Le Pen family – otherwise we are the only divided starting bloc”. Intentions expressed by Mélenchon, a union of the center is being created around Macron, with the disappointment of the Republicans, the humiliation of the presidential election (Valérie Pécresse at 4.7%) and the temptation of the pro-Macron former president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and MoDem brokers by François Bayrou. There is a hypothesis that is far from being The victory of the united far right, given that the majority system with two rounds of legislative elections is always punished. But the climate has changed in France, and despite the defeat of Marine in the presidential election, the far right has never been higher. Madame Le Pen knows that who remembered yesterday : “The game is open” in light of the legislative elections. Zemmour reiterated this: “The national bloc must unite.” The “complimentary resignation” of Prime Minister Jean Castix should arrive this week. But Macron announced that “in light of the laws” he will be here As “Prime Minister or Prime Minister to be chosen. man or woman.” The choice of gender may give a picture of a change in your presidency. Provided that anti-regime forces do not succeed in the shoulder.

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