Fiat Multipla with 1300 HP, a lap on the race car track – Video – Mundo Auto

    Fiat Multipla with 1300 HP, a lap on the race car track – Video – Mundo Auto

    When one thinks of the Fiat Multipla, what comes to mind is a model that has caused discussions for years with its design but at the same time also a car capable of meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of families thanks to its versatility, starting with plenty of space on board. It’s hard to think of the Multipla as a racing car, yet there is someone in France who has turned it into an authentic racing car, with a maximum power of 1,300 horsepower.

    Debut in Paris, then Magny Cours

    These are the founders of the YouTube channel Philbrequin who presented their project a few months ago, making its debut in solid form at the 2022 Paris Motor Show and now also on track, with the extreme car taken to the asphalt of the Magny Cours. The 1000Tipla project was born thanks to an online fundraiser, which allowed a couple of web celebrities to create this extreme version of the Fiat family car.

    Fiat Multipla, supercar transformation

    Sylvain Levy and Pierre Chabrier took the Fiat family car and turned it into a true sports racing car, complete with a racing-style spoiler. You can see it in the screenshots posted on social networks This special race Fiat Multipla, with a low stance that makes them shuffle the asphalt, a completely revised body structure with a new bumper, increased track width and mild sportier rims. The hood is equipped with special air intakes to facilitate engine cooling.

    changes in the back

    The rear is also completely different, with its overhanging mudguards and generous racing-style spoiler that juts out from the roof. The sample initially released on social media also featured a Michelin paint finish that made the docile Multipla even more aggressive. Then other rejections appeared on Vilebrequin’s official Facebook page. To create its power unit, Sylvain Levy and Pierre Chabrier used an engine derived from the Corvette C7 ZR06, a project costing €1.1 million.

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