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Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e, Hertz orders new electric ‘beach chairs’ from Garage Italia

Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e, Hertz orders new electric 'beach chairs' from Garage Italia

In Italy Fiat 500e it’s a Sales success in the electric vehicle sectorBut for those who prefer a slightly more exclusive summertime solution with a noticeable vintage flavor without giving up the benefits of zero-emission mobility, there’s Italy Customs Garage with the 500 Jolly Icon E The company founded by Labo Elkann implemented this project in cooperation with the car rental giant hertz Already two years ago, today they arrive يصل Five new colors to expand the fleet. Oversimplified, we can say that these are examples of the wonderful 500 Ghia Jolly beaches that were launched between the 50s and 60s, completely restored and equipped with an electric drive.

Digging into the project details a bit, Garage Italia says it completed this project with recycling in mind and respect for the environment. The starting point is actually the 500 . standard, where the roof and doors are removed. A new safety cell intervenes to compensate for the rigidity of the body. Guards and fenders are machined by hand. Compared to the original model developed by Ghia, a significant difference is the windshield reinforcement structure, which is completely maintained here for greater safety. The front and rear lighting kits remain original, but the LED headlights.

The engine was developed in cooperation with the Newtron Group. The exact details of the engine are unknown, but Hertz says so Autonomy time is up to 120 km, and the battery is recharged between 4 and 8 hours. socket type 2 (Guide to all standards), which is hidden under the FIAT logo at the front, between the headlights. The new propulsion system led to the adoption of a fully digital instrument panel, with a circular display approximately 5 inches in diameter; The transmission is now fully automatic, with all controls in the central tunnel. The gear lever has been revisited, and now serves to define the two gait (eloquently represented by the hare and tortoise icons).

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Hertz initially cost three units From the car as part of the prestigious and luxurious Selezione Italia initiative: one in the classic blue that made the original an icon, one in yellow with black interiors that follow the same Hertz branding, and one in the same colors of the Italian flag, even if arranged horizontally (in green above, Unlike the Hungarian flag shown in red above). Arrived today:

  • turquoise water
  • the sky is blue
  • Mediterranean blue
  • Rosa Bodelli
  • Verdillo from Sicily

All units have been retested and approved for road use; For prices and details, it is necessary to call the number indicated at the bottom of the page that opens by following the source link after the video.

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