Ffp2 Mask, How To Use It Correctly: Here Are 5 Rules To Maintain Effectiveness

    Ffp2 Mask, How To Use It Correctly: Here Are 5 Rules To Maintain Effectiveness

    the ffp2 masks, More and more prevalent after‘Compulsory in public transport And in various places inside the home that are at risk of crowding, they are often not used properly and this greatly reduces their filtering ability. So how do you avoid reducing its effectiveness? First of all, at the time of purchase, you must ensure that they comply with (FFP2 Manual). After that initial check, here are some ground rules that, according to Fabrizio Brigliasco, professor of hygiene at the University of Milan, help keep its filtering power intact.

    Ffp2 mask duration

    The first rule to keep in mind is about the duration of the Ffp2 mask, which Should not exceed 6-8 hours of use. After that it is better to get rid of it. It is not a protective device that can be reused, like surgical masks.

    Ffp2 masks, when and where to wear them is mandatory

    No sewage do it yourself

    “Homemade” inventions like spray them with disinfectant Then placing them outdoors to allow them to dry can not only damage them effectively rendering them ineffective, but certainly does not contribute to an increase in their duration.

    Ffp2 and Ffp3 masks are deductible: here are the terms

    How to wear FFP2

    Like a surgical mask, the Ffp2 must also be worn in such a way that it completely covers the nose and mouth. If the air passes from both sidesThe mask should be slightly tightened with rubber bands, so that it adheres completely to the face.

    How do you take it off

    When removing the mask from the face, it should always be held with rubber bands to avoid contamination from the outside in case of exposure to the virus. Must Try not to touch it If this occurs, hands should be washed or sanitized immediately

    Never put it in your pocket or on the table

    The ideal option would be to store them in one device Disposable sterile bag (including those for freezing food) and wash your hands. The virus may actually be present on the outside of the mask, which is why it is not correct to put it in your pocket or put it on the table where you may eat.

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