Home science Fewer screens, more feelings: a word from Alfa Romeo

Fewer screens, more feelings: a word from Alfa Romeo

Fewer screens, more feelings: a word from Alfa Romeo

Fewer screens, more feelings: a word from Alfa Romeo

If German manufacturers like Mercedes and BMW are so fond of displays, that they put more and more of them, Alfa Romeo and its customers don’t seem to want to follow the same path. The same Chief Executive Officer Jean-Philippe ImperatoAnd In an interview with Autocar, She stated that Alfa will maintain its classic interior design, It definitely gets better in technology But without wanting to match the competition.

Also this In order not to disappoint customers: According to research by Alfa Romeo itself, everyone who buys a Milanese brand car You don’t want overwhelming technologyBut a simple infotainment system that provides data focused on who’s driving, and a classic instrument “telescope” design, typically Alfa and modern with the Tonale.

Bigger screen, and a little more

learn says:I respect what Mercedes is doing with its digital technology, of course. But my customers aren’t looking for meter-sized infotainment screens, or 200 assistance systems that they keep turning on and off.In short, Alfa wants a more sober and accessible technology, which does not disdain sophistication, but without going overboard.

Alfa Romeo Tonale infotainment system, how it works

We’ll keep the range, for sure; And we will have a central screen that is larger than the one currently offered [da 10,25” su Tonale, ndr]And depending on the carIn short, the rest wants quality and value to be paired with sportiness, with a clear driver-orientation to emphasize sentiment.

And this is also in the future. Alfa Romeo though It will be the first brand Stellantis to use, from 2025, The new STLA Brain online platformImparato is convinced it will not change the way customers interact with their cars. new technologyIt won’t change the way our cars speak or engage our customers. We will continue to emphasize our strength“.

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The CEO also admits he wants to Focus on technologies that are really useful. For example, cars now already have head-up displays that show a vehicle on the road to help center the lane, as it helps steer the vehicle. What is not needed is anything else: “You don’t need to know the weather for the next three weeks. I don’t care, I’m here to driveLearned adds. It’s hard to blame him.

relationship to self-driving

The CEO of Alfa Romeo also talked about autonomous driving and, according to him, the next Alfa Romeos They will have distinct modalities called upon by himI want to pay And “I want to be a guideAnd the user will choose them every time he gets in the car.

Alfa Giulia and Stelvio 2023

It is not our duty to offer all the lane keeping, comfort and collision avoidance systems that we can offer just because our competitors have them. We have to be selective. But it is important to know which systems will add value and which systems should be excludedEmperato concluded.


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