Fewer and fewer teens are using Facebook

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    Facebook More and more ground is being lost between young people and today, according to data from the latest report Pew Research CenterAnd the Only a third teens In the US social use Mark Zuckerberg, after reaching its maximum penetration in 2015, at 71%, and suffering its first decline in 2018, when it reached just 51%. Conversely, with 69% of users, Facebook use is still widespread among adults.

    While Facebook continues its descent, so is it YouTube To win in all age groups. The video-sharing site is actually the most used of all the 10 platforms listed in a recent Pew survey, by adults and young adults alike. particularly among adolescents, YouTube usage increased by 10% in three years, from 85% in 2018 to 95% in 2021.

    As for the more traditional “social” applications, compared to YouTube, the new report confirmed how Tik Tok He outshines all the others, and quickly becomes the dominant teen hero. 67% of the young people interviewed said they have used the platform and 16% said they have “Almost permanently” on TikTok. Instagram and Snapchat are following closely, with 62% and 59% of teens respectively confirming that they use these platforms.

    Instagram and Snapchat percentages have gone up since the survey was conducted 2014-2015 (respectively to 51% and 41%), but in sharp decline compared to the data 2018. Four years ago, the Pew Center reported that 72% of teens surveyed use Instagram and 69% use Snapchat. However, in its latest study, Pew emphasized how the survey methods used today differ from those of 2018, and therefore Direct comparisons cannot be made between the two surveys due to differences in the methods they were conducted.. Looking at the other platforms instead, there is a big gap separating it from the ones listed so far. Only 23% of teens use Twitter, 20% Twitch, 17% WhatsApp, 14% Reddit, and only 5% use Tumblr.. While two other platforms that Pew is watching, Vine and Google+, are no longer there.

    In addition to tracking Facebook’s continued decline in popularity and new trends, the Pew report found other, broader trends in young people’s use of the Internet. for example, 97% of teens said they use the internet daily, and almost half said they are online “Almost permanently”. These values ​​are both higher than previous Pew reports, and more than a third of teens said they are “Almost permanently” On one of the top five online platforms.

    The data also indicates differences in the use of the Internet and social media depending on the type of person gender, race and income level. Boys, for example, are more likely to use YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit (all of which are popular for gamers), while girls said they are more likely to use TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. African-American and Hispanic teens are found online more frequently than their Caucasian counterparts. while I use it “continuous” Frequent Internet use was recorded among adolescents living in households with annual incomes between $30,000 and $75,000.

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