Ferrari, high expectations for the new Spider 1 pay homage to Italy in the 1960s

    Ferrari, high expectations for the new Spider 1 pay homage to Italy in the 1960s
    ferrari rome spider-ok- (motorzoom)

    There is great enthusiasm from Ferrari and great anticipation among enthusiasts and insiders: for what? For the arrival of the new spider, a true homage to the 1960s and to Rome. Why?

    It starts first of all, as you immediately understand, from the name: Ferrari In fact, Rome Spider Cards, the last gem, was unveiled sixty Elegantly, yet very modern and modern.

    Home gem Ferrari dresses in mode spiders He takes perhaps the most famous name that can be associated with Bel Paese, specifically a name Rome , It echoes an era marked by time.

    Everywhere, in the world, in a way, if we talk about Italy and engines, we think mostly of Ferrari, the sixties and the era Sweet life. Why not ride the wave?

    It’s clearly what they thought of doing at Ferrari: to tell the truth, it’s a virtuous path and always appreciated, not new on a general level and not just referring toector engine.

    Ferrari Roma, the spider that echoes the golden ages

    After all, that decade marked a turning point and a fundamental turning point for Italy from all points of view, which makes us represented in all latitudes as a virtuous place And prosperous.


    Ferrari since those times and is still today an emblem of Italian excellence And the new Roma Spider also wants to be universal: it is the latest produced by Maranello. but how?

    It takes its name, style and concept from the coupe models The end of the fifties Especially the sixties. a spiders In all respects, with Removable canopySoft top cover is stylish and attractive in terms of style, but also Stylish performance.

    It’s not just the design and the elegant, curvy lines that cover the hood, but also precisely the engine power, driving safety and great technology on board. We see it all.

    Tradition and futuristic performance: an elegant Ferrari Spyder

    It starts from levels communication Based on multimedia interaction To make your eyes shine: wi-fi connection with every kind of device, obviously, from standard Apple and Android. then?


    the Indoor, stylish Exciting, it follows a style that is both modern and traditional at the same time and is also combined with a premium warranty engine. it comes from V8which it will provide for the Ferrari Roma Spyder 620 hp Seven thousand five hundred revolutions per minute.

    Comprehensive improvements also in terms of consumption and in terms of aerodynamics: not only aesthetic changes to the bodywork make a difference spoilers that calibration Prune so as not to reduce power quickly with maintenance Property to street.

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