Ferrari 812 Superfast: new spy photos of the V12-engined successor

    Ferrari 812 Superfast: new spy photos of the V12-engined successor

    Ferrari working on development From the successor to the Superfast 812 Which should debut between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. A forklift of the new model was intercepted on the road during classic development tests. This isn’t the first time the heir to the 812 Superfast has shined spy photo. However, forklifts have been depicted in the past with similar features to those of the Ferrari Roma. Now, however, under the panels that hide the supercar’s shapes, there should be the production chassis.

    So, thanks to Derek Cornelissen’s Instagram shots, we can start to get an initial idea of ​​Maranello’s new supercar. The new car will be able to count on a very long hood and passenger compartment. The design, however, will be an evolution of the current 812 Superfast, without major disruptions, and with some elements taken from the latest Prancing Horse models. At the front we can see the presence of large air intakes, larger in size than those of the Ferrari Roma. However, in the back you can see the presence of the four tailpipes and the large diffuser.

    As for the engine, Ferrari’s new supercar It will adopt 12 cylinders. After all, the V12 is such an engine that is so important to a running horse, that it was also used for the first SUV. It is said that this unit can be paired with hybrid system. However, the classic decals identifying forklifts with a hybrid drive don’t seem to be on the forklift.

    The official render of this new model is still missing some time. So, there will be a way to find out more detail about the trajectory of the next few months when, perhaps, more spy photos start arriving with a lower level of disguise.

    [Foto spia: Derek Cornelissen/]

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