Home Economy February interest rates rise to 1.3% – Corriere.it

February interest rates rise to 1.3% – Corriere.it

February interest rates rise to 1.3% - Corriere.it

Interest rates go up slightly Mortgages, While those Loans, With interest rates on financing transactions remaining at an all-time low in February. Show data from ABI’s Monthly Bulletin (Italian Banking Association). In detail, in February, the average rate of new home purchases decreased from 1.27% in January to 1.3% (it was 5.72% at the end of 2007), and the average rate on gross loans decreased to 2.24% from 2.26% previously. Month (it was 6.18% before the crisis, at the end of 2007), while the average rate on new business financing transactions is 1.1%, down from 1.18% in the previous month (5.48% at the end of 2007).

There is still a boom in deposits

The Collection The total number of banks is a 1959.6 billion euros In February, up 7.6% year-on-year, down from + 8.9% in January. Deposits (checking accounts, certificates of deposit, repurchase agreements) increased by more in the same month 161 billion Euros compared to the previous year, an increase of 10.2% year-on-year. The total number was $ 1,745.6 billion. Medium and long-term deposits, that is, through bonds, decreased by about € 22 billion to 214 billion (-9.4%) in the past 12 months.

More loans for families

Loans to households and non-financial businesses totaled € 1,310 billion in February, an increase of 5.1% based on trend. The number is accelerating compared to + 4.9% in January. In detail, in January, the trend in loans to non-financial companies was + 7.2% (+ 8.3% in the previous month, -5.9% in November 2013, a negative peak). Total Home loans On the other hand, it grew by 2.2% (+ 2.3% in December; -1.5% in November 2013). The dynamics of loans to households increased compared to the previous month for the mortgage component for home purchases (+ 2.5% annual change; + 2.4% in December), and down from that in Consumer balance (-1.6% versus -0.6% in December).

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Bad loans of less than $ 20 billion

The net bad loans, that is, the net cuts and allocations that banks have already made with their own resources decreased Less than 20 billion euros In January. The number reached 19.9 billion, the lowest since June 2009. The inventory decreased by about 1 billion compared to 20.9 billion in December 2020, by 6.5 billion (-24.6%) compared to 26.3 billion in January 2020 and 13.7 billion (-40.7%) compared to January 2019. Compared with the maximum level of NPLs, which reached November 2015 At 8.8 billion, the decrease is approximately 69 billion (equivalent to -77.6%). The ratio of net bad loans to total loans decreased to 1.14%, again at its lowest level since June 2009. It was 1.21% in December 2020, 1.55% in January 2020, 1.93% in January 2019, and 4.89% in November 2015. ..

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