Fashion on TV, from Giulia Salemi to Barbara Dorso to the Sanremo Festival: where are we?

    Fashion on TV, from Giulia Salemi to Barbara Dorso to the Sanremo Festival: where are we?

    Heidi Klum and Tim Jean, presenters at the time escape project, Then re-suggested by Amazon Prime Video with the title making pieces.

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    Is fashion a serious matter, perhaps too much?

    In the Italian Panorama, things went wrong: since the beginning of the twenty-first century, fashion has taken shape on television with a mission to educate women about etiquette, thinness, and total self-denial. “Amazing “,” boring “,” Too much “… Tamer of personal style, talented with coordinated accessories, and everyday heel checks, the fashion expert is ready to bury you in his English style. In TV where there’s no in-depth analysis, fashion is the excuse to challenge Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, or the weird character to change her appearance on an afternoon broadcast, or at most a one-minute montage on the Venice red carpet. Nothing remains of the culture, inspiration, and craft of fashion, if not the very short interviews that were stolen from fashion designers during Fashion Week and broadcast before the end of the credits for the news.

    Despite continuing to bring out personalities who amass oceans of followers on social media, collaborations with luxury brands and invitations to the most famous fashion shows, Italian television cannot speak of fashion. Just thinking about failure Ferragni phenomenon On Rai2: broadcast in October 2020, Simona Ventura’s interview with the most famous influencer in the world gathered 664 thousand spectators with a share of 4.1%. Practically a conversation between a few close friends of Ferragni who has over 27 million followers on Instagram alone. Is fashion in Italy a serious matter, perhaps more so than television?

    How did it go in the United States?

    The transition from television to fashion in the United States appears to be more fluid or simply possible. In the early 2000s, fashion got an obsession with Olivia Palermo (reality star City) and launched the career of designer Christian Siriano (winner of the fourth edition of escape projectNow a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America). Kim Kardashian – we almost forget she started on TV – it took almost ten years to earn the title of fashion icon, while it took much less Kristen Quinn, the villain sunset sale, reality show themed ultra-luxury real estate in Los Angeles. Three years after the first season, the heroine of Kichisima managed to establish herself not only as a sexy figure in the world of entertainment, but also as a recognized face and lover of high fashion, so much so that Demna Gavsalia wanted her on the catwalk for haute couture in Paris.

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