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Farewell to Marvin Hagler, a boxing legend who (also) lived on Milan- Corriere.it

Farewell to Marvin Hagler, a boxing legend who (also) lived on Milan- Corriere.it

He has often said that if there was no boxing, someone like him as a boy would end up in prison. Instead, he climbed into the ring early and changed the history of the sport. Boxing legend Marvin HaglerUndisputed World Middleweight Champion from 1980 to 1987, He passed away at the age of 66. In a short post on the boxer’s Facebook page, wife Kay did not specify the cause of death, but said that her husband spent his last days at the family home in New Hampshire. “I am sorry to make a very sad announcement. Our family demands that privacy be respected at this difficult time,” concludes the widow. After his retirement from boxing, Hagler He had moved to Italy, between Rosano and Milan, and embarked on an acting career. At the end of the eighties he was among the heroes of the genre films “Indio” and “Indio 2”Directed by Antonio Margaretti, it was produced in the wake of the success of the series “Rambo”. In 1997 he played the action movie “Virtual Power”, Next to Terence Hill.

The match in legend

But thanks to his strength as a boxer, Marvin Hagler owes his fame around the world. So good that he decided to change his name: Wonderful. It was really ‘cool’, at least with my boxing gloves. Between him and Tommy Hearns, better known as the Cobra, an equally wonderful boxer, one of the best matches ever seen on the field was celebrated.If not the most beautiful, it is definitely the most vital. Celebration is the right word: Hagler and Hearns were, at the time, gurus A sport that still knows how to present emotions, stories and anthologies. April 15, 1985 Las VegasAnd the Unified World Middleweight Championship: Hagler wins by technical knockout in the third round. Nine minutes chills and fireHearns terribly tamed from left to temple after calming down (Round Two) with the idea of ​​victory, the Caesar Palace crowd went crazy, until The final huge battle in the stands is between fans Barely doped by the police.

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Second life

“I decided to retire when I was 33 and it was a good choice. But today’s heroes, I’m sorry for them, I’ll split them all in half. ” Interview with Claudio Colombo on Corriere della Sera. Precisely and straightforward, Colombo wrote, as if sweeping the circles of the world, bearing the hallmarks of his bald head and fierce determination, “Today is Mister Sympatia.” Passenger lives between Milan, London, New York and New Hampshire are the main points for touring “ Mohikan’s last and great boxing ”. Marvin, are they rare, average weight today? “The texture is different. On my day there was more hunger, more technology, more desire to show. In boxing today what matters above all is money.” Have you ever thought about going back in the ring?Quitting smoking was very difficult. But I won a lot and had nothing else to prove. I was the hero and the first to face them all: What more could I ask for? ». Well, good bags. “After two years in my retirement, they offered me $ 20 million for a second match against Sugar Ray. But what does that mean?

D. Ring set

Instead, he preferred to be an actor. Yes, it’s my second life. A couple of movies, the ‘Indio’ series for example, have been very successful. FBeing an actor is harder than entering the ringAnd if you weren’t George Clooney, you earn a lot less money from the punches. “Money is not everything in life. They help, but they’re not everything. The thing I’m proud of is that I came out of the big boxing game with a good mind and a healthy body. This is because I decided when it was time to say enough. If you don’t have health, then what is the money?“Were you scared before?” I always had. Fear of making mistakes, physical fear, pure fear. Fear, in boxing, is essential: it helps you not to take anything for granted. ” Why did you choose the fund? “For three reasons. One, to fulfill the dream of becoming a world champion. Second, to provide financial security for my family. Three, get out of the way. In America, if you stay on the street, you may end up in bad companyHit the targets.

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Marvin Hagler was born in Newark, USA Soprano Based on American Pastoral, In 1954. Just one meter tall and 75th long, he always fought as an average weight (just over 72 kilograms). A professional since 1973, he has entered the ring 67 times collected 62 wins (52 before the maximum), three defeats and two draws. He was the world middleweight champion, a title he defended 12 times, from 1980 to 1987, when he retired. Every now and then, on American TV, they’re still reviewing his victory over Cobra.

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