Fantasy World: The summit and ups and downs of the Round of 16: Ramos’ surprise, Kane redeems himself. Bad Sommer and…all Kim

     Fantasy World: The summit and ups and downs of the Round of 16: Ramos' surprise, Kane redeems himself.  Bad Sommer and...all Kim

    Among the goalkeepers, Bono and Levakovic perform at a high level. Big mess, though, Australian Ryan

    The round of 16 is over. There is a big surprise: Spain’s elimination at the hands of a strong and organized Morocco. Then all the adults passed. Some are fluent, others struggle a bit like the vice champions in charge of Croatia who defeated the prolific Japan, only on penalties. Let’s go and see the “tops” and “flops” of the eighths.

    top 10

    He is increasingly running for MVP of the tournament. Kylian Mbapp√© (9 points – 90 points) with a prop and assist organizes Poland’s training making it simple. However, the French ace must share the cover of this tour with true inspiration. Surprising start in the Lusitanian centre-forward, Gonzalo Ramos (9 – 17 credits) scores a hat-trick that eliminates Switzerland. With all due respect to Cristiano Ronaldo, who was on the bench for much of the game. Goalkeeper champions in the round of 16. Levakovic (score 8.5 – 17) and Bono (score 8-12) lead both Croatia and Morocco within 120 minutes, but also on penalties as they denied several penalty shots giving their national team the victory. Quarterfinals. Also great performances were Messi (8 points – 81), Foden (8-51 points) and Joao Felix (8 points – 63). The Argentine ace opens the delicate challenge against Australia in his 1,000th professional match; The England playmaker is inspired and needs two winning assists like his Portuguese colleague: two certified assistants. Dumfries (score 8 – 25) and Kane (score 7.5 – 80) were replaced, both returning from a “disappointing” set from a bonus point of view. For the Inter player who scored a goal and two assists for the United States, the England striker is opened from a scoring point of view. Finally, we mention Ottavio (score 7.5 – 12), a flexible footballer from Portugal who was also one of the red and green goal champions against Switzerland with a generous performance across the board.

    flop 10

    Bad performance by South Korea and Switzerland, which suffered a strong decline from Brazil and Portugal. On account of that, among the ranks of Asians, we count Kim Jinsu (score 4-5), Hwang InBeom (score 4-14), Jung WooYoung (score 4-2) and Kim Minjae (score 4-12). Therefore, even the Napoli defender does not escape this collapse in performance while he does not shine between the Swiss Char (score 4-11), Commaert (score 4.5 – 3) and Sommer (score 4.5 – 14), the latter always among the most proactive of the Red Cross players , but he has to do a mea culpa marking some goals from Portugal. Diallo was also bad (score 4-16 points), a promising defender from Senegal, who, however, understood very little in the eighth match against England and his compatriot Bati Cisse (score 4,5 – 14), the midfielder who slipped past his own net . Foden wide. Finally, the heroic goalkeeper of all time: Ryan (score 4.5 – 7), the Australian full-back, let Alvarez steal the ball for Argentina’s double, revealing the limits of the build from below.

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