False email from revenue agency, web new scam wipes accounts

    False email from revenue agency, web new scam wipes accounts

    In these hours, emails arrive in many users’ mailboxes Agenzia delle Entrate but it is another online scam. The messages arrive, in somewhat non-grammatical text, where they are written: “From an examination of the data and disclosures for periodic VAT adjustments, which I showed for the 2021 quarter, some discrepancies emerged. Explanations for discrepancies can be accessed in the Tax Drawer.” (Agency section) accessible from the website of the Revenue Agency (www.agenziaentrate.gov.it) and in the latest version in the archive attached to this e-mail This e-mail was generated automatically, therefore we recommend that you do not reply to this e-mail address “.

    As can be seen from the text, there are grammatical errors, and this should already warn. And if you pay more attention you can see, by opening the zip attachment, without unpacking it, that it does not contain a tax report, but an application.

    The Advice, when similar emails arrive, they are always the same, i.e. do not respond to emails, SMS, calls or conversations from call centers where personal codes are requested (user, password, security codes, payment card data); Always check the authenticity of the email before opening it, then check that the sender is really who they say it is not someone pretending to be someone else (for example, check how you type the email address you received it from); Read carefully and see if there are any grammatical errors; Do not download suspicious email attachments before verifying that the sender is known or official; Do not click on the link in suspicious emails; If this happens by mistake, do not log into the fake site and close your web browser immediately. Report any phishing emails to the entity; Trash suspicious emails and also delete them from trash.

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