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Fake “Good morning and good evening” on WhatsApp


There are always new borns and we tell you about them. Here is another trick on WhatsApp.

Incredible Good Morning Story on WhatsApp – Androiditaly.com

“I warn you that as of tomorrow there will be no good morning and good night images on WhatsApp.”

Now every month has its own hoax and until October is full of fake news on WhatsApp. Even if fake news doesn’t carry real viruses, it can still cause quite a bit of damage.

The phrase circulating in the chats is the classic way to spread unnecessary panic among those who are not familiar with these stories.

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While this is a very simple trick, many users keep falling in love with it. The series begins with “ciao” He continues to say “If you don’t already know, a new rule will come into effect soon”. Basically, the sender warns us that as of tomorrow it will not be a good night and a good morning with pictures. For this reason, you undertake to pass the notice to us as well. The chain obviously contains some standard elements, Like call notification of all contacts in our list, So do not open and send pictures of morning and good evening.

Reason? It seems that some of the tricks are actually viruses that coordinate our cell phone. Obviously, fake news calls us to be careful, because everything is very dangerous. Fortunately, many hoaxes are intercepted and reported by users, and then are also passed on to the editorial offices of national news programs that amplify the message and warn the entire population.

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However, we recommend that you ignore this and other similar messages that are spreading precisely because they are finding fertile ground.

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Bufale.net comes to help us

If we fall victim to a hoax again, we can count on it bufale.net, the first fact-checking service for free citizens created by denbukers Claudio Michelizza and Fabio Milella. The service works based on citizen notification and after careful analysis, it communicates the results through targeted articles with specific tags: BUFFALO – Disinformation – Real news – Clarifications – Analysis in progress. The team consists of professional and neutral spoilers.

The service has been active since 2014 and can be consulted at any time.

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