Facial recognition to detect “Russian killers”: how it works

    Facial recognition to detect

    May by any means to identify the enemy. In an age where technology reigns supreme,Artificial intelligence In the conflict in Ukraine. Anti-Russian facial recognition software is provided by the American company Clearwiew Ai, which also supplies businesses, law enforcement agencies, universities, and individuals. The company’s algorithm matches faces to a database of more than 10 billion images indexed from the Internet, including social media apps. But that’s not all, because the program is able to recognize a person’s face thanks to the biometric data that is enriched with many other information.

    What can change

    In addition to the latest generation of drones and lasers with which the Russians are killing and unloading bombs on Kyiv, the Ukrainians will also be able to defend themselves with the latest technological advances. The US company sent a letter to the Zelensky government offering free advanced search services to identify the faces enemies and”Uncover Russian killers, fight disinformation and identify the dead“.as we read messengerThe CEO of Clearview expects other Ukrainian agencies to start using this service in the coming days as well. Among its intended uses are checkpoints, and checkpoints are those placed along the borders but in many areas of importance within cities where the Ukrainian military can check people’s faces and track down any enemies.

    Privacy fine

    It is clear that in this way privacy is blessed. as we read Cyber ​​Security 360The company allegedly processes biometric and geolocation data illegally and without sufficient legal basis violating The Gdpr (General Data Protection Regulation). For this reason, the privacy guarantor has sanctioned Clearview AI with a fine of €20 million.”A real biometric monitoring mode also for people on Italian soilHe explained from the authority that the Italian order was to delete all data for residents of our country: a similar decision also for the United Kingdom and France, which ordered the deletion of sensitive data, issued these orders already in November and December.

    What does the company say?

    For now, the company is keeping silent about European fines and restrictions and is sponsoring its product as being of paramount importance to law enforcement who “”They must have the latest technology available to investigate crimes, improve public safety and provide justice for victimsFrom here I was born program intelligence”A revolutionary web-based law enforcement tool that can help create high-quality investigative leadsIn order to identify people, the company says on its website, noting that they have the largest database in existence with more than 10 billion face images fromPublic web sources, including media, mugshot sites, general social media and other open sources“.

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