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Facebook update pages: No more ‘like’, only ‘follow’

Facebook update pages: No more 'like', only 'follow'

The difference between Pages and Profiles – Pages, unlike individual profiles that can be private, are always public and are usually company pages or pages run by people who are famous, or known anyway, who have a large number of followers. They are often used for commercial or advertising purposes or to promote initiatives, opinions, brands, businesses, and content. To a large extent, and unlike individual accounts, they have a certain vision.

Coexistence between “follow” and “like” – Now, in fact, things are changing. Also, because after the introduction of “follow” (that is, the ability for users to follow page updates without necessarily clicking “Like”), this creates confusion and an inability for experts for page managers and social media managers to be able to determine the number that matters with certainty.

No Comments, Yes Updates – But from now on, only one will remain. “Follow,” actually. This indicates, in the intentions of the social network, also “moral” and “moral” change. Placing “liked”, in fact, means expressing the judgment of preference, and in any case of taste and pleasure, towards the page, means sharing and appreciating its contents. On the one hand, deciding to “follow up” simply means wanting to receive updates and interest in these content and those posts without needing to be appreciated and shared. In short, in Facebook’s intent, the taste preference should disappear in favor of the desire to keep up with developments. Attention rather than appreciation: Social media, on the other hand, relies primarily on this.

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