Facebook is doing illegal user testing | Zuckerberg and Facebook in the storm

    Facebook is doing illegal user testing |  Zuckerberg and Facebook in the storm

    A real storm has hit the popular Facebook app that was supposedly created to eat your phone’s battery!

    Above all, the battery life of our devices and smartphones depends not only on the phone model and how much time has already passed since its purchase, but also obviously on how we use it during the day and above all what kind of applications we usually use. In fact, there are many applications that consume much more battery power than other applications, but an interesting discovery was made recently Facebook.

    We can say very lightly that Facebook was the first real social network to reach our devices and that it allows us to properly enter this virtual world that we all use every day now. As a result, today Facebook remains one of the most downloaded and used applications by Italians and all over the world, but recently Mark Zuckerberg’s first creation ended up in a storm for some burning statements from one of his former employees.

    Poisonous Words: Facebook in the Ultimate Storm

    Nowadays, the success of Facebook has led Mark Zuckerberg to acquire two other very popular apps that we use every day, WhatsApp and Instagram which are now part of a “Meta” macrogroup that actually contains the three apps mentioned above. Over the years, Facebook has been used and downloaded less and less due to the emergence of new, more modern applications that young people like, but despite this, there are still many users who are literally shocked by the statements of a former Facebook employee.

    George Hayward He was hired by the Meta in October 2019, only to be fired in November 2022 after just over a year on the job. What made the most headlines about this whole story were the reasons for firing Hayward who was relieved of his position as data tester for refusing to perform a test that would have been very harmful to users and beyond: These practices Zuckerberg put in place would obviously be the company illegal!

    Illegal tests on users: the complaint begins

    The tests Hayward spoke about in a recent interview after his dismissal could not have been taken through the Facebook app, but through the Facebook app. messengers Which is exactly the direct messaging system that spun off from Facebook a few years ago. The app is currently the fourth most used app in the world with 1.3 billion active users, but it’s still unclear exactly how many people are affected by these illegal Meta tests.

    You refuse to do these tests for them and then find out that if you tell your boss something illegal it’s not OKHayward told the New York Post, saying that Meta has conducted illegal tests for Check the user’s battery and discharge it intentionally. A practice that is certainly intended to test the application based on different types of devices and types of batteries, but to think that someone is checking the battery charge by external means is really scary. At the moment, Meta has not responded to the accusations either because Hayward has apparently withdrawn the complaint filed in recent days due to Meta’s working conditions that he allegedly signed while still an employee of Zuckerberg’s company: we’ll see.

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