Facebook data theft, 4 million San Marino fine – Chronicle

    Facebook data theft, 4 million San Marino fine – Chronicle

    Meta Inc. will have to Pay the fine of four million euros imposed on Facebook by the Personal Data Protection Authority of the Republic of San Marino in 2019 for publishing the personal data of about 12,700 citizens of San Marino, which is considered illegal. Mark Zuckerberg’s company appealed to court and then to the San Marino Court of Appeals trust to revoke Titan’s privacy assurance provision. The appeal against which Judgment No. 3 of January 25, 2023 of the Court of Appeal of San Marino was declared inadmissible. Therefore, the punishment is enforceable.

    Judgment 3 of January 25, 2023 ruled that this appeal was inadmissible and, going into the merits of the incident, acknowledged serious liability in the conduct of Facebook (now Meta Inc.) which “should have taken appropriate security measures to prevent the collection of users’ personal data.” Thus ended the story of the data of 533 million Facebook users “stolen” by hackers and published on the Internet without justification. San Marino appeals judge Valeria Pierfelici decided “to agree with the authority that the large amount of data obtained from third parties and the volume of traffic generated should have been immediately recognized as a serious anomaly, and preventive and defensive mechanisms should have been triggered actions to avoid committing any An act that is likely to harm the confidentiality of the data of persons who join the virtual association. “The finalization of this sanction is important not only because for the first time a violation of this colossal nature is recognized, but because the guarantor of a small state has sanctioned the technological giant, which on this occasion protected the confidentiality of the data of only 12,700 san. Citizens of Marino. In practice, David v. Goliath Umberto Rabetto, head of the privacy guarantor of the tiny republic, which has a population of just over 33 thousand, explains to Ansa Agency. “If the 4 million euro fine imposed by San Marino (which certainly does not worry about Facebook’s budget) is applied proportionately in other states, the total amount of the fine for the total of 533 million mathematically affected would amount to 166 billion euro,” says Rabito, who, in Indeed, such a domino effect is not excluded. The Irish Privacy Commission, moved after opening the investigation in San Marino and using contacts established with colleagues in the Republic of Titan, recently fined Facebook €265m. Even there Facebook would have appealed, but at this point San Marino’s punishment could set a dangerous precedent for the social network.

    “We are disappointed with this decision and are reviewing it. We made changes to our systems early in 2019, such as removing the ability to scrape user data using phone numbers. Unauthorized scraping is unacceptable and against our rules. We will continue to work with other companies.” In the sector on this common challenge “, a Meta spokesperson comments on the judgment handed down by the San Marino Appeal Judge with a fine of four million euros.

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