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Facebook Censored Interview: This is what Trump said on TV

Facebook Censored Interview: This is what Trump said on TV

Former President of the United States Donald J Trump Not only cannot he own a Facebook and Instagram account – along with YouTube – but he can’t even get an interview with him. It is not a distant authoritarian world but the reality we live in, where the major tech giants increasingly decide who can speak up or not, what the truth is and what is not, in a completely arbitrary and ideological manner. At the expense of conservatives around the world. Lara Trump, the businessman’s son Eric’s wife, interviewed her husband’s father on his page in a video clip that was promptly removed from Facebook. As the agency reports AdnkronosThis is another step taken by Facebook against Trump, after it closed its Twitter profile in January following an attack by its supporters on Congress. “In line with the ban we have put in place on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, the additional content posted under the heading ‘Donald Trump’ will be removed and lead to further account restrictions.Read an email. Decision Lara Trump called “Orwellian.”We’re heading towards 1984 by George Orwell, that’s rightComment on social media.

Eric Trump Post a copy of the email He received from a Facebook employee, stating that the ban applies to all accounts and campaign pages, including Team Trump, and everything related to the former United States president. “It’s so horrific – how does our country become?The son of the former US president wrote on Instagram. For the Republican Senator Lindsay Graham Time to organize social media:The big tech companies ’war must stop on conservatism and everything related to Trump. Now, Facebook has decided that Lara Trump cannot meet her father-in-law. Who makes these decisions? Liberals who run big tech companies. Time to cancel Section 230. Fight with us, Lara!pointed out Graham. The text of Section 230, which Republicans want to repeal, actually says:No provider or user of Internet services can be held responsible, as a publisher or author, for any information provided by third partiesJoomla exempts social media networks from liability for the content posted on their platforms.

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Trump speaks again and criticizes Joe Biden

What did the former US president say? In the interview, which lasted about 18 minutes, e Posted among podcasts In Lara Trump, The billionaire returned to targeting social networks and major media for monitoring the computer scandal of Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden: then criticized the green agenda of his successor and criticized Culture abolition Prevailing and against politically correct. Then He also talked about the possibility of running for the presidential elections In 2024 and how the Biden administration proved that it is very weak towards China, the United States’ number-one opponent in the world. “The question everyone is asking is: What do you do now?Lara Trump asked him at the start of the interview. “I’m in Florida, a beautiful state, where we got a great result, as in many other states. You won the elections twice, the second with millions of votes. Anyway, I love Florida, it’s a great place. ”

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