Facebook: 2 billion daily active users, and Messenger will be back within the app

    Facebook: 2 billion daily active users, and Messenger will be back within the app

    During the last day Meta announced it Facebook is in excellent health and the year has started in the best wayExceeding all pessimistic expectations. The company announced its flagship social platform recently It arrived The milestone of 2 billion daily active usersproving all the analysts who abandoned him going forward were wrong. “Facebook is neither dead nor dying, but in fact alive and thriving.” The company wrote in an article on the official page signed by Tom Allison, head of Facebook.

    This wasn’t the only big announcement from Meta, in fact, in addition to touting its impressive stats, Meta has also outlined some plans it has for its popular Messenger service. Tom Allison also announced that the company is Test the ability to access your Messenger mailbox directly from the Facebook app And that the testing phase will start soon before the final integration.

    Nothing new for old users, who will remember very well that Messenger was integrated into Facebook as many as 9 years ago. The decision to separate Messenger from the Facebook app dates back to 2014, and on that occasion Meta said it wanted to split the two areas of development, with the goal of making Messenger the best mobile messaging experience and avoiding confusion.

    Meta also wanted to predict some of Facebook’s goals for 2023, signifying his desire to make fundamental changes in the way users view Facebook. In an effort to become more competitive with TikTok, Meta has announced plans to transform Facebook from an app where you can keep in touch with friends and family, into a platform for entertainment and discovery, building on well-known players like TikTok. As Allison states in the blog post, the goal is to “Make Facebook the best place for social discovery and sharing“.

    Not to be overlooked is the recent progress in the field of generative AI, which will apparently be part of future changes at Facebook as well.

    Our investments in artificial intelligence open up new ways for people to discover and share great new content on Facebook with the people they care about. As Meta AI’s world-class research teams continue to advance AI, especially generative AI, Facebook – and Meta more broadly – will strive to bring this transformative technology to billions of people and empower them to create and share in new ways.

    It seems clear that Facebook’s approach to 2023 will be very particular, because if on the one hand there is a return to origins, with the reintegration of Messenger, on the other hand, we want to look closely at competitors that are healthier, TikTok in the first place, with a view to renewing Platform.

    Yesterday’s announcement comes shortly after the indiscretion that a new round of mass layoffs is about to begin at Meta. We remember that last November, the giant headed by Zuckerberg fired about 11,000 employees, which led to a huge redundancy in the technology sector.

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