Fabio Fazio what will he do in Novi

    Fabio Fazio what will he do in Novi

    Fabio Fazio leaves (for the second time, the first dates back to 2001) opinion to pass it on nineHe will be at the helm of the new team, starting next fall what’s the weather like, the shape you have. on the group channel Discovery Warner Brothersthe leader will bring the group of work that has accompanied him for years, starting with the authors (Gianluca Prolo, Walter Fontana, Arnaldo Greco, Piero Guerrera, Veronica Oliva, Eduardo Segantini, as well as Stefano Faure, Giacomo Freire, Giacomo Papi and Antonetta Zaccaro. ) and from the production house,garagewhich he founded in 2017 and had to sell its shares to Banijay in 2021, after Rai adopted the rule that no group of entertainment programs can produce broadcasts with his own company.

    With Fabio Fazio in the container that is likely to go It is always broadcast on Sunday evenings At nine there will definitely be Luciana Letizito, who will remain the protagonist of the satirical space. It is conceivable that she will also be involved in the transition to the Discovery Channel Philippa Lagerbackwho has been a regular cast member since 2006 what’s the weather like (Tonight absent due to covid). Another trusted figure that Fazio will not give up on will be a character Monica Tellinicasting director what’s the weather likeThanks to her, in recent years, the program has succeeded in extracting distinguished guests from the competition, from former President of the United States Barack Obama to Bill Gates, passing through some stars of the entertainment world such as Lady Gaga, Quentin Tarantino, George Clooney and Sharon Stone.

    Fazio on Nove – His flagship face so far is it Maurice Cruz (The two share a powerful proxy Beppe helmetas Littizzetto) – not only will he be a leader, but he will also play the role The role of editorial responsibilityWith the goal of developing Warner Bros. Discovery in Italy. The contract signed is for four years, with compensation that will be much higher than that envisaged in the current expired agreement with Rai.

    The most realistic hypothesis so far is that Fazio, as outlined by Warner Bros. DiscoveryA hero and one of the most important and influential faces of Italian televisionOn nine plus what’s the weather like He is also responsible for producing a number of special features.

    The latest installment of what’s the weather like Rai license plate will be broadcast on Rai3 Sunday 28 May from 20.00. That category from next season – it is not yet known which network can occupy it Massimo Gilettiagain on public television. But that’s another story.

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