F1 and the United States, the association is getting stronger and stronger

    F1 and the United States, the association is getting stronger and stronger

    over the past few years, Formula One It records a significant increase in the number of fans, even if it is unimaginable compared to the past few years. Merit, as said in a giant blog Betway Sports, also from the TV series that aired on the online streaming platform Netflix. Not to mention the new American tracks that I definitely preferred The birth of an increasingly strong bond between F1 and the United States.

    A new golden age

    There is no doubt, so take a look at it F1 statsas something has changed in recent years, at least from a fan’s point of view. The number of enthusiasts increased at an astonishing rate. Let’s try to look at the reasons that laid the foundations of this trend.

    First of all, this increase in the number of fans has led to FIA Selection and Liberty To make the Formula One calendar richer and more intense, to welcome applications from new countries that wanted to be part of the world championship. Among these countries we certainly find the United States. If there was one race on the calendar before, and that was the race in Austin, now things have changed And the nation of stars and stripes seems to be becoming more and more central to the whole of motorsport.

    TV series “Drive To Survive”

    Among the reasons Formula 1 has been pushed higher than ever, we undoubtedly find the TV series “Drive To Survive”. A series shown on the online entertainment giant Netflix and has already reached its fifth season. A production showcasing different aspects of what happens behind the scenes inside the ring.

    Exclusive contributions, including stills and a series of unique details, thanks to the fact that too Numerous cameras have been strewn about in the back of various F1 teams. So it should come as no surprise that the announcement of the creation of Season 6 has already arrived, which will reveal unedited and unknown details in reference to the 2023 tournament, which actually started some time ago.

    Numerous research and surveys have highlighted how the average number of viewers per race has been affected A real boom. A number that has tripled from 2018, or the year the first season of the TV series Drive To Survive was released. Simple case and coincidence? Quite the opposite actually, since an InsideHook survey revealed how More than 50% of people confirmed that they started watching Formula 1 thanks to the TV series produced by Netflix.

    The apparent collapse of investments in the United States: a shower of gold on Formula 1

    As we have seen, the number of fans is growing more and more, and in the same way, investments are also increasing, especially in the United States. So it should come as no surprise that there are now three appointments in the calendar in the United States. As all fans know, it just won’t be there Weekend in Austinbut two stages have also been added, namely stage You used to love me and that of Vegas.

    In Florida, the debut took place last season. The context and hype generated is great, even if from a technical standpoint, many insiders highlighting how the track is somewhat anonymous, with no cues of particular interest regarding the show. And if there is also a 7-8 yacht club equipped with fake water, it makes you understand how much improvement.

    Photo: Formula 1

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