F1 Academy: Formula 1 for women

    F1 Academy: Formula 1 for women

    Formula 1 has launched a women-only series with the aim of helping female drivers advance through the ranks of motorsport. Called the F1 Academy, it will consist of five teams of three cars participating in seven events with three races. Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali said the series offered women drivers “the best opportunity to realize their ambitions”.

    Formula 1 Women: The Birth of the Formula 1 Academy

    F1 will back each car with a budget of €150,000 (£131,000). Drivers will have to add the same amount to be able to compete. Formula 1 said in a statement that the calendar has not been announced, but it is likely that one of the races will take place at the Grand Prix. The series will use the same cars currently competing in Formula 4, and is an entry-level series for drivers taking their first steps in motor racing. “Everyone should have the opportunity to follow their dreams and fulfill their potential and Formula 1 wants to make sure we do everything we can to create more variety and tracks in this great sport,” Domenicali added. He added that the championship represents “a comprehensive program that supports their racing careers and gives them everything they need to progress to Formula 3 and hopefully move to the top of Formula 1.” “The more opportunities, the better, and that is designed to provide drivers with another path to success.”

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    The F1 edition reported that the series was designed as “another vehicle for the next generation of young female drivers”. The statement added: “While assessing the barriers facing young women drivers to entering the Formula 1 pyramid, it became clear that they do not have the same amount of experience as their male counterparts of the same age.” The track, the race and the test. “Moreover, it will train the girls to work with professional teams, renowned in the motorsports world for their ability to nurture young drivers, which will help them develop basic technical, physical and mental aptitudes.” When news of the championship first broke over the US Grand Prix weekend, F1 said it was aiming to complete the W Series, an all-female championship that was launched in 2019 but has ended this season with two races remaining due to financial problems.


    The W Series is seeking funding to continue into 2023 and one of its rivals, Aston Martin F1 team ambassador Jessica Hawkins, said she believes the two series can co-exist. Hawkins said she views the new series as “a positive thing,” adding, “The more women in motorsport, the more it solves the lack of women, so any championship that helps women should be welcomed.” I also like to think they can work together in the W Series. I don’t want them to compete with each other, because that’s not what we’re fighting for. “It’s not about who has the best league, it’s about figuring out how to work together because we’re all trying to achieve the same goal.” He said there should be “more.” [opportunità] But she added that it was important not to ignore some of the women drivers who have already reached the motorsport ladder, linking with Aston Martin’s 2023 signing of two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso. “At Aston Martin we have just signed a 41-year-old And he’s still at his peak.” “Why are we looking for someone so young? Why not use what we already have to help us develop the machine? At the moment, my goal is to get as many women as possible to race and then we can deal with the issue of a female driver in Formula 1, because at that point everything will come naturally.” There will be more people to choose from, and there will be fewer falls And they will continue to move forward.” “I don’t think the F1 or F4 championship will solve all the problems. It would certainly be a huge help, which I welcome, but let’s not ignore those who have done really well. It’s not too late for those who are a little older.”

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