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Extended Smart Work, Events and Travel Green Card: Here are the contents of the new decree

Extended Smart Work, Events and Travel Green Card: Here are the contents of the new decree

Italy will remain white all summer long. Fedriga: “Conference of regions requests permission to resume events that have been banned so far and to review indicators of risk areas”

Trieste The government is preparing to launch a decree that will reconfigure the allocation of risk areas in the context of the spread of the coronavirus. A request has arrived from the regions, especially after infections have returned in recent weeks to the point of risking pushing some regions towards “yellow.” With current standards (50 weekly cases per 100,000 residents), Lazio will have to deal with pressure as early as Friday the 23rd, however, there will not be.

The decree will be approved on Thursday 22nd and will come into effect on Monday 26th, just in time to avoid changing the scope of areas dealing with the increasingly prevalent variable delta virus outbreak.

For this reason, governors will not raise barriers to the government’s proposal to adopt the large-scale green corridor, which would become mandatory for gathering places. And that it will also be necessary, even in the white area, to attend performances, travel and exercise in indoor facilities. There is a margin for negotiation and it pertains to in-house restaurants, where categories ask not to make the use of the Green Passport mandatory.

“The Conference of the Regions – announces President Massimiliano Fedriga – has put forward some proposals on the use of the green corridor from a positive perspective, in order to allow the resumption of activities not permitted until now. For example, large sports and entertainment events, discos, exhibitions and conferences. In addition, we also shared a proposal To review the indicators of danger zones, and formulate the hypothesis of raising the maximum occupancy in the white zone to 30% and 20% in intensive care.% These – and the President of the Conference of Regions concludes – are proposals that we present to the government, with the aim of institutional cooperation, also in light of the current epidemiological context – which It is characterized by an increased infection rate but a low occupancy of hospital beds – and an intense progression of the vaccination campaign.”

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In the document approved by the regional chiefs, it is considered “necessary to extend the use of green certificates, regardless of the regional epidemiological context, to the following activities: major sporting and leisure events, discos, fairs and conferences.” The government will also include long-distance trains, planes and ships in the package. The same fate for cinemas and theaters, which could see their capacity increase in a few weeks.

The green light is also to extend the smart work that travels along with the extension of the state of emergency, which expires on July 31: The government, also to manage the return to class, administrative elections and the vaccination campaign, will extend the emergency period until December 31.

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