Expanded by 13 hectares in a few hours [FOTO e VIDEO]

    Expanded by 13 hectares in a few hours [FOTO e VIDEO]

    The Spanish Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS), which relies on the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation, has so far received 2,209 claims for compensation and has already paid more than 42.48 million euros to those affected by theeruption subordinate Vulcano old summit, on an island The Palma, in progress since September 19.
    Yesterday the government of the Canary Islands canceled the order that asked some residents (about 3 thousand) not to leave their homes: the measure concerns the coastal areas of Tazacorte – the region of the same name, San Borondon and El Cardon – due to gases from a new lava flow that reached the sea.

    The new flow (located between the Todoque Mountains and La Laguna) reached the coast on Monday and began forming New lava delta, Senior More than 13 hectares In a few hours, according to El PaĆ­s (last update dates back to yesterday evening).

    As for the emission of ash, the disturbance continues for the island’s airport, as no airline has operated since Saturday, and the situation will remain so until the end of next week.

    Scientists expect that the ash and sulfur dioxide cloud will continue to be dumped towards the northeast, so “likelyThe unfavorable scenario for flight operations will continue if the volcano’s hyperactivity continues in a manner similar to the current activity.

    Volcanic eruption in La Palma, new lava delta seen from the sea [VIDEO]

    La Palma: The new lava delta up close [VIDEO]

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