Everyone does the washing machine in the evening, but it’s wrong: Once you know that, you’ll change your habits

    Everyone does the washing machine in the evening, but it’s wrong: Once you know that, you’ll change your habits

    If you’re used to turning on your washing machine in the evening and letting it run while you sleep, you’re doing everything wrong: here’s why

    The washing machine, for the time being, is Basic household appliances. In just a few hours, it allows you to wash a large amount of clothes and has many different programs, which adapt to different types of fabrics and needs. If you are, like most people, You usually start them in the eveningAnd You are really wrong.

    The washing machine, don’t do it in the evening: that’s why -Ossinotizie.it

    The way we run a home often seems quite spontaneous and instinctive but it is actually something that is built day by day since we are young and very attached to what we have seen our parents do at home or by those who raised us. For this reason, any mistakes or mistakes made by those who were responsible for cleaning when we were young can also be made by us: an example is the washing machine, which many people occupy at night. Here’s why not.

    washing machine in the evening? It will never happen again! here because

    Many people tend to put off household chores, such as the dishwasher and washing machine, until the night so they can do the dishes or clothes while they sleep. Besides the convenience of it all, there’s a good reason too Saving on electricity They are cheaper in many contracts during the night hours.

    When does the washing machine do? I was always wrong – Ossinotizie.it

    But in fact, this is not the case for everyone. A factor that few people think about in The fact that must always be taken into account is humidity. If we run the washing machine as soon as we go to bed, it will have finished its cycle after two or three hours; In fact, however,It will only open the next morning: all this time, The clothes stay in the drumVery humid and therefore dangerous environment.

    Wet and hot environments A favorite of mold and bacteria due to their prevalence, and for this reason, they should be avoided completely That the clothes remain stuck in an environment with these characteristics for a long time.

    However, in reality, the drum of the washing machine looks exactly like this: On waking up, when we take it out of the machine, it may not smell so good It may have become a favorable environment for bacteria. For that reason, it’s even better Run the washing machine during the day And if the laundry cannot be suspended immediately, simply opening the door lowers the humidity rate.

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