Every year a new iPhone subscription: Includes AppleCare and AppleOne!

    Every year a new iPhone subscription: Includes AppleCare and AppleOne!

    In his latest newsletter, Gorman returns from Bloomberg to talk about it Participation Which will allow Apple users to Change iPhone every year.

    Sarah brand new subscription, is also different fromupgrade program Already available in America.

    For the first time, the subscription will combine hardware and software, merging services AppleCare with Apple One It will allow the user to always have the latest available iPhone model.

    In other words, users will be able to choose the iPhone they want and according to the selected model they will pay a monthly fee. In addition to the iPhone itself, they will get protection service with additional Apple warranty in case of accidental damage and Apple One services such as Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, iCloud +, etc. At the end of the year, once the next iPhone model is released, you will have to return the previous model and you will get the latest version, while continuing with your subscription.

    It would be a really complete package that, according to Gurman, Apple has been testing internally for some time. According to the latest rumors, the tests were successfully passed, but since it is an absolute novelty at the world level, The company chose to postpone it to reduce the complexity of the iPhone 14 launch.

    In October, a new event from Apple is already planned, in which we will talk about the iPad and Mac, and on this occasion the subscription of the package can be launched in which the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch can be purchased by subscription.

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