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“Evermore”, Taylor Swift’s second surprise album of 2020, was a huge hit among critics.


While the rest were playing virtual competitions on Zoom, the biggest pop star reinvented her voice and recorded two surprising albums – his second album “Evermore” was released Friday hours after it was announced.

It In a follow-up to July’s mega song “Folklore”, With Swift’s return to melancholy melodies and soundtracks inspired by indie music that earned her rounds of praise, but added a unique winter aesthetic and began a few unexpected singing excursions.

The effort of the 15 songs was praised by many critics and praised by fans upon their release, noting a lot about the smooth continuation of Swift’s style stripped from behind in “folklore”.

But others questioned whether the album lived up to its predecessor, which Swift described this week as a “sibling album” of her latest show.

“This is a bubble we may not want to burst.” variety I concluded Swift’s long burst of creativity during months of isolation. The 2020 post described the singer as “an embarrassment for the amazing albums ending in ‘or’ that she has pulled out of a closed source of inspiration.”
Taylor Swift released two albums in 2020. Most of us are just trying to manage
“Not everything here works, but if we take folklore and Evermore together, they make a compelling case for Swift’s ability to alter form and the ability of her songs to navigate genres,” the Guardian commented in Four-star review. “As insurance continues to overflow, it’s pretty cool.”
Swift indulges once again in her fondness for a four-minute lyrical autobiography, this time in honor of her late grandmother in “Marjorie” and her frustrated wife “Hold It Up” – personality studies were highlighted in a five-star review by a British magazine NME.

But the singer is also back in two familiar areas that were mostly deviating from her previous album, nodding her head to her country musical roots in “Cowboy Like Me” and then, in “Gold Rush” and “Long Story Short”, she cautiously moves into the world of flashy pop that It has conquered it over the past decade.

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“If” folklore “is a romantic and introspective sister, NME concluded,” Evermore “is the younger brother with freedom of movement.” “The new album is reaping the benefits of the stylistic leap of faith represented by” folklore “and pushing the boundaries of that soundboard even further.”

Fans seemed equally satisfied. Fantastic fan Alex Goldschmidt wrote on Twitter, referring to a lyric on Swift’s previous song “Out of the Woods”: “Eternity” is “folklore” in stark color.

Another fan page wrote on Swift: “This was one of the most magical and beautiful trips ever on an album.”

Swift teamed up again with Bon Iver and songwriters Aaron Decner and Jack Antonoff in the effort, after the team put “folklore” together earlier this year.

And there were a few songwriting credits for “William Bowery” – the mysterious contributor who Swift revealed last month, in fact, her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

It remains to be seen if the slow, reflective Swift unlocked in 2020 is its playground now. “I have no idea what will happen next,” she wrote on her social media channels on Friday after the record fell.

“I have no idea a lot of things these days, so I clung to the one thing that keeps me in touch with all of you. This thing has always been and always will be music. It may last, forever,” Swift added.

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