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Evasion, this is the one taking the risk – Libero Quotidiano

Evasion, this is the one taking the risk - Libero Quotidiano

The Revenue Agency hunts down scams at refreshment points. Checks initiated are required Both to avoid defrauding the state, Identify who is fraudulent to get help, And try to reward those who really need financial support in a short time Because of the Covid crisis. Meanwhile, the pace of securing economic support for the most affected families and businesses is accelerating. For more targeted checks, the Revenue Agency – as explained before Newspaper – He will use digital tools.

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Among the internet methods the agency uses to track down malware is there Seavis Channel Abbreviation for Default Violation Reporting for Served Brokers – which allows for fast and efficient management Communications irregularities related to tax years from 2006 onwards. Private lessons are also necessary to avoid international avoidance. It is a service that helps in monitoring the behavior of large companies, through the use of differentiated methods that depend on the characteristics that arise from time to time.

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Finally, as you mentioned Newspaper, There will also be ‚Äúdata received from automatic exchanges from European Union or OECD countries, including financial information derived from the application of the Common Reporting Standard and directives related to the Beps project, which It aims to reduce the erosion of the tax base By transferring profits. “

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