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Evasion, the capital’s journey begins all over again: new shoulder pads in Egypt, Albania and Morocco

Evasion, the capital's journey begins all over again: new shoulder pads in Egypt, Albania and Morocco

Capitals that go and capitals that come back. The movement of currency accompanying passengers across borders, both incoming and outgoing from Bel Paese, does not stop even with Covid. Even in the black year of the epidemic marked by a very strong contraction of international travelers using air transport, violations in monetary matters intercepted by the Customs and Monopolies Agency recorded a smaller decrease in negative violations than in the pre-Covid periods. With the pandemic pressure lowering, capital flight has regained momentum. In the first half of 2021, coordinated control activities by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, led by Marcello Menina, allowed 3,971 currency permits to be intercepted at customs, 48% more than in 2020, for an equivalent value in euros of more than 523 million euro. Looking at the latter, which if compared to the year of the epidemic, it actually translates to 50% plus in the first six months of the year.

Confirmed violations

Regarding border violations confirmed by customs officials, from January 1 to June 30, 2021, Customs intercepted 2,487 people transporting illegal cash worth more than €37 million. Of these violations, 667 were recorded as incoming with more than 25.3 million euros and the remaining 1,820, on the contrary, were ready to illegally transfer capital of more than 12 million euros from Italy. At least two million months. Once intercepted at the border, the new Spalloni has no choice but to identify with the immediate offering, as the law allows. In this case, 2,487 people who had been hacked in six months immediately identified the violation with the administration at 2367. On the other hand, the remaining 120 people had to witness the confiscation of the illegally transferred coins.

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New capital avenues on the run

A change in the itineraries of capital trips abroad also arises from customs control operations. They were once the tax havens of the Old Continent, which, thanks to banking secrecy above all, attracted currency from Bill Baysey. Now undeclared flows at customs and out of Italy point to Egypt, Albania, Morocco and Tunisia as major destinations for amounts exceeding €500,000 that are not reported at the border. According to customs technicians, the most used means of currency transportation abroad are machinery in 52% of cases, by sea (26%) and then by air in 17% of cases.

return currency

On the other hand, the ways back to the capitals follow the old ways. For example, from Switzerland, an undisclosed currency exceeding 500 thousand euros was equal to 4.4 million euros. Instead, roughly 700,000 euros were intercepted from Germany, just over 618,000 from Russia and 607,000 from Albania. Greece and Austria closed respectively with 546,000 euros and about 498,000 euros undeclared at the border.

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