Home entertainment Eurovision 2021 fans were impressed by the look of Flo Rida

Eurovision 2021 fans were impressed by the look of Flo Rida

Eurovision 2021 fans were impressed by the look of Flo Rida
Flo Rida made a cameo at Eurovision (Image: Getty)

There was an extraordinary addition to San Marino’s performance tonight, and that’s it Famous rapper Flo Rida.

If her stage name sounds familiar, Flo Rida has five singles in the UK: Right Round, Klopp Can’t Handle Me, Feeling Good, Bad Boys (with Alexandra Burke) and Riot (with Olly Morse).

The rapper appeared in Senhit’s Eurovision 2021 Adrenaline ad and performed the track live in Rotterdam.

You might think Flo Rida is a fan of the contest, but she told Radio 1 Newsbeat earlier this year that she had not heard of the contest before she was contacted to compose her poems for the song.

He said: The people of Sanhit are communicating with my people. The song is high energy that I love.

The rapper added that “it was an amazing feeling to be back in Europe after a long time” and said he was “very grateful to be able to perform on one of the biggest stages”.

Flo Reda during her performance at Eurovision 2021
Flo Rida was hit by her Eurovision program (Photo: Getty Images Europe)

If you want it from America, but there are no rules that dictate that you must be from the country you are representing.

So why isn’t one of the world’s most active artists representing one of the smallest countries in Europe?

While his performance might be a nice reminder of his club nights in 2010, many people still wonder why he was there in the first place.

Someone said it bluntly when asked: Why was Flo Rida here? [sic]”

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“I can’t believe we’re closing with Flo Rida. How do I get San Marino out of the bag?” Asked another.

It seems that the viewers just couldn’t stand the fact that the rapper would appear in the contest.

One tweeted: “I never thought I’d live long enough to see the day when Flo Reza would be at Eurovision …”

Another said: “I have yet to touch upon the fact that I have seen satisfaction fluctuation at Eurovision [sic]”.

No matter how he got to that stage, it definitely ruined his performance.

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