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European Heritage Days 2021: inclusion in the center

European Heritage Days 2021: inclusion in the center

A year into the pandemic, the European Heritage Days (Gep) initiative is taking off from culture. The initiative, promoted by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, sees more regulation 70,000 cultural events In all participating countries in September and October.

Highlighting the European Heritage Days, organized by the 50 signatory countries of the European Cultural Convention The diversity of skills, traditions, architectural styles and works of art that make up the common European heritage. The idea was promoted by the Council of Europe in 1985 in France, and since 1999 these days have been organized as a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Council of Europe. The aim of the European Heritage Days is to promote the discovery of a wide range of cultural resources to publicize the lesser-known stories and places of Europe. There is also a willingness to increase understanding of the common European past and encourage an appreciation of traditional values, inspiring new education and heritage preservation practices. The 2021 edition will be dedicated to promoting a comprehensive and diverse heritage to encourage participation in culture. “European Heritage Days help build bridges by celebrating the richness of Europe’s cultural heritage and provide us with a valuable opportunity to explore the mosaic of cultures that make up Europe,” said Marija Bejinovic Boric, Secretary General of the Council of Europe.


The 2021 slogan is “Cultural Heritage: All Included!” , the translation of “Heritage: All Inclusive” chosen by European Council It is shared by the countries participating in the event.

In particular, in 2021, in fact, GEPs will be organized to make More accessible events, removing barriers for people with physical or sensory disabilities, Promote better rail connections for people with reduced mobility. In addition, there is an online availability of the cultural content offered by the events, which not only at the local level will allow people across Europe to access it for the purposes of education, business or leisure of the very rich heritage of the continent. Two cross-border initiatives are currently underway to promote diversity and inclusion: Heritage, Women’s Legacy, led by Spain with partners in France, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and the United Kingdom, and Our Queer Cultural Heritage, by Scottish-led with partners in Germany and Ukraine.

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Many museums will open their doors all over Italy, from Brescia to Florence, from Pavia to Bari, and from Bolzano to Oristano, with events for all tastes, interests and ages. You can visit castles or enjoy terracotta collections, but you can also listen to Dante’s readings or bike paths, create small woods or listen to the sound of the wind.

On the last weekend of September, the evening opening of all venues participating in the GEP at a nominal cost of 1 euro.

to know more

GEP dates for 2021 will be published on the MiC website (day events NS Evening Slots), on the European website of European Heritage Days and on the institutional channels of individual institutes. You can follow the initiative too On museitaliani’s social channels NS gift. It is important to refer to these links for any changes to the initiatives in real time.

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