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European Cinema and Future Generations

European Cinema and Future Generations

A few days before this year’s EFA Youth Award (YAA) was presented again the three nominated films for an audience of 12-14 years across Europe, a focus Youth audience summit in the Education For All program From April 17 The Summit aims to transcend this event: Created and realized with a group of former EFA YAA participants, the summit brings together young European cinema to discuss what cinema means to them and what are the best ways to engage them in a discourse on cinema. +
The summit aims to discuss plans to develop the “European Film Club” and to investigate issues such as:

  • Should cinema be given a higher priority in schools?
  • What is the importance of films for young people?
  • To what extent are entertainment films affected by some form of social and cultural education?
  • Is it possible to create a sense of belonging to European culture through cinema?

During the summit, there will also be a Q&A with the Spanish director, creative director, and film worker Pablo Macheda Two short films chosen by the Youth Council will be presented.
Prior to the event, the European Film Academy discussed with a youth council composed of nine former EYA participants.

Among these:

Anissa Loylin (14), Lewis v. United Kingdom, states:
The European Film Club will give young people the opportunity to watch films from other European countries, learn about other cultures through cinema and, above all, communicate with other young people. We are all very separate at the moment – for a variety of reasons – and cinema can help us come together. ”
Clara, I want Molina (15), Seville, Spain declaring:
“Each frame in itself is a door to other worlds, a vision of the lives of others. Films allow us to see the world from different points of view.”
Raluca Nemeti (15), Cluj-Napoca, Romania reports:
“I like the fact that I can express myself better through cinema and also that it allows me to escape from the ordinary world. It’s a great way to express my creativity.”

Instead of experts debating the desires and aspirations of the younger generation, the European Film Academy invites young people themselves to do it themselves.
People between the ages of 12 and 16 who have participated in the EFA Young Audience Award, who have other cinematic experience, or are simply interested in cinema can apply. Who is the.

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