Europe and the United States “challenge each other”

    Europe and the United States

    Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, recently expressed her concerns about the USA’s choice of Changing their plans and goals on climate protectionBy enacting a new law in this regard. What could be the consequences?

    According to German policy, in order to “run for the hood”, the EU must improve its rules on state aid, also taking into account More funding for the green transitionIn order to be able to compensate for any deterioration.

    These reflections reached him just one day before the ministerial meeting Trade and Technology Council United States and the European Union, to be held at the University of Maryland where, most likely, The new US law will be a hot topic of debate.

    The relevant federal law, known as Inflation Reduction ActThis summer, it was approved Immediately a controversial point in Europewith strong protests over allegations that Washington is trying to attract foreign investment, with large subsidies, from companies unrelated to environmental restrictions.

    Von der Leyen herself, in a letter to him Europe College In Bruges (Belgium), he said: In Europe we have to fulfill our missions To pursue our goals, but at the same time we must work with the United States to mitigate the disadvantages of competition..

    Low inflation law can lead to unfair competitionleading to the closure of markets and the disintegration of critical supply chains themselves, already weakened by the pandemic period.he added.

    But how can the European Union respond? According to the president, the twenty-seven countries should Focus on improving the state aid frameworkTo facilitate public investment, and reassess the need for additional financing for the transition to green technologies.

    Clearly, cooperation with the United States remains a key point for addressing some of the more troubling aspects of its new law. In fact, von der Leyen believes that The European Union and the United States must cooperate to advance the green transition For example by agreeing on common standards for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure o Basic raw materials for “green” technologies, the production and processing of which is controlled by China.

    “Europe and the United States have all possible capabilities Build an alternative to this monopoly. The idea behind this is simple: cooperating with partners and allies on the procurement, production and processing of green technologies will give us the possibility to be independent.”von der Leyen concluded.

    Unfortunately, the climate crisis is a problem we all have to grapple with, especially now that we know, from new research, thatEurope is heating up faster from the rest of the world.

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