Home entertainment Euro 2020, Rock responds to the Azzurri win فوز

Euro 2020, Rock responds to the Azzurri win فوز

Euro 2020, Rock responds to the Azzurri win فوز

From Liam Gallagher to Coldplay, the music world’s reaction to the Azzurri’s victory in the Euro 2020 final against England

The The victory of the Italian national football team at Euro 2020 final against England He had a media monopoly around the world since last night.

After a month of challenges, I Mancini boys has become Europe champions multiplication ai Penalty kicks England which, in a cry ‘She’s going home’She was already convinced that she had won the cup 55 years after her last title.

Liam Gallagher, European historian

The music world was also present to comment on Azure result And in many of the scene actors were interacting with her Italy victory.

It’s not news Liam Gallagher That during the entire period Europeans I always followed three black He comments on matches in his obvious style on Twitter.

L ‘Former lead singer of Oasis He lived the match with a mixture of feelings until the final referee was accepted all in all in a sporting spirit and without losing the opportunity to criticize the disrespectful behavior of some English players and Defending Saka Juniors, who was attacked by his fans after he missed decisive rigor.

In a thread of tweets, Liam said he was sorry for the loss but showed respect to both of them Azure This is because I Southgate boysSet a date for the World Cup in Qatar.

Then Liam tweeted his thanks to all the footballers for a month of entertainment adding “Rock’n’roll Save a Soul, I’m On My Way”, indicating that he may be ready to release a new song soon.

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But whoever did not comment on the defeat on social media, but he was on the field is the brother Noel Gallagher Whoever saw the game give it to him Wembley stands Accompanied by two important names in the British urban music scene, Storm e Goldithe actor Stephen Graham Based on Mick Jagger.

Coldplay in the poems of Wembley and Franz Ferdinand

Stay in the UK too bad play – with their own hands The drummer will hero It’s in Wembley – they wanted to make it Greetings from the Italian national team! And at the same time for the English team.

“We are close. Congratulations to the Azuri who set an example in spirit and tactics – Coldplay wrote on social media – “Thanks to Gareth Southgate and the England national team, you’ve given us a great month. The best is yet to come, next year is the World Cup!”

for every Southgate Also congratulations Justin Hawkins de Darkness, a great football fan writes to share a picture with the England coach: “Gareth, I’d be happy to play if you had to pick me and this time, Most likely, I will also pass Anti-Doping. Condolences but also congratulations! “.

from Scotland That, which he encouraged more than the rest of the world to Italy, the Franz Ferdinand Alex Capranos’ leaderFinally, he relied on literature to express his feelings about the Azure’s victory.

Specifically, Capranos described what he calls a “poetic moment” in a tweet from Poet Pam Iris This says:“Victory was not beautiful, there would be no dancing in the streets, the boys were good, but alas, it was not enough for Italy.”

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Euro 2020, Rock responds to the Azzurri win فوز

Fans from America

Waiting to know the final comment Julian Casablancas degli strokes, who launched a few days ago a great sermon against the “divers” led by Raheem Sterling, some American artists even wanted to sympathize with the Azores.

It is with Tom Morello di Rage Against the Machine Audio Editor who participated Colosseo In green, white and red with a real fan comment.

After all, among the various origins of the famous guitarist, there is also a little Italy thanks to his mother’s Piedmont roots.

Also Serge Tankian, voce dei System Of A Down, wanted to make a contribution by supporting the Azure. In fact, the Armenian-origin rocker shared a clip showing Chiellini holding the trophy with a caption. “Bravo Italy!”.

There has been no (yet) reaction from Lars Ulrich from Metallica Who saw him in the semi-finals Denmark To surrender specifically with England. In her place, his wife, 37, saluted the Azuri American model Jessica Miller, who posted a lingerie story with “Made in Italy” artwork and lots of tricolor hearts to celebrate the victory of the Mancini national team.

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