eSports: The eSerieC, Lega Pro’s virtual football tournament, has started again. Here are all the clubs that will be participating

    eSports: The eSerieC, Lega Pro’s virtual football tournament, has started again.  Here are all the clubs that will be participating

    held at headquarters city ​​lifepress conference to introduce the new edition of eSeriesC 2023And Virtual Football League Lega Pro Which will also be organized for this edition by Werena Entertainment Spa. , a leader in digital entertainment parks and has always been a national reference for organizing esports competitions related to the world of traditional football.

    As in 2022, for this edition now, the tournament has been launched Electronic Arts And you will play on EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 23, where the 32 participating clubs will battle with their esports teams to wrest the title of champions from the hands of the champions.Albino Live We arenawinner b eSeriesC 2022.

    During the conference, which was skilfully moderated by Valentina Mariani of Sky Sports, the numbers of the previous edition were recalled, which recorded a comprehensive coverage of nearly 8 million thanks to the 30 matches and the various contents of 40 players from the 20 participating clubs. .

    The large participation is made even more evident by the increase in numbers for this edition: 32 clubs, with a total of over 700 players nominated to ‘wear the jersey’ and join the relevant Esport teams vying for the title of eSerie C Champion! This is a clear sign of the fruition of a project that Lega Pro has been continuously supporting for two years in collaboration with WeArena. This year there will be 90 matches to be played.

    The Esports project for Lega Pro and WeArena, in the current season, has several new features while keeping the project fundamentals based on regionalism unchanged: Lega ProAs a matter of fact, in recent months corporate guidelines have been made available that are either to create from scratch or to scale it up Esports Business Unit; In addition, local selections have been organized in meeting places such as shopping malls to reach out to the local community and bring together new generations around the gaming and e-sports activities offered by the different clubs.

    The tournament will be organized in the first group stage, which will start in April and continue until May, with different clubs competing via the Internet directly from the famous stadiums designated by each club. Then, the competition will go live between June 7-10 at Gorgeous And show us Ferrarawhich hosts the largest esport arena in Italy, where the final stages are held.

    All eSerie C 2023 matches can be watched on the official WeArena Twitch channel, on the WeArena platform, and on social channels. 2 viewsthe first Italian community for casual gamers, the platform and media partner of the event.
    Moreover, more and more in-depth content will be created and promoted by important contents and talents who are attracted around the world of esports.

    “The interest of our teams in esports has increased significantly. Lega Pro increasingly wants to position itself as a dynamic league close to youth. The world of esports is a rapidly growing asset and we are glad that the presence of our clubs is very strong. The data shows how the Esports Lega Pro-WeArena project works Eserie C is increasingly establishing itself for its total value and social responsibility towards new generations of fans and enthusiasts.announced Lega Pro President Matteo Marani.

    “The results achieved by the Esports Lega Pro-WeArena project have exceeded our expectations. The eSerie C is only a part of it that raises the bar of the whole, and we want it to become more and more a broader event year after year capable of involving thousands of young people who can find their professional dimension in a competitive world Entertainment and video – fun, but also and above all at the level of territorial and social continuity WeArena CEO Francesco Monastero remarks.

    This is the list of clubs participating in eSerieC 2023:

    AC Reggiana 1919, AC Trento 1921, ACR Messina, Aquila 1902 Montevarchi, Aurora Pro Patria 1919, Calcio Foggia 1920, Calcio Lecco 1912, Calcio Padova, Carrarese Calcio 1908, Cesena FC, FC Pro Vercelli 1892, Fermana FC, Imolese Calcio, LR Vicenza, Latina Calcio 1932, Novara FC, Olbia Calcio 1905, Piacenza Calcio 1919, Pordenone Calcio, Potenza Calcio, Pro Sesto 1913, SS Monopoli 1966, UC AlbinoLeffe, US Alessandria Calcio 1912, US Ancona, US Catanzaro Pontedera 1929, US City ofedera , US Triestina Calcio 1918, Virtus Entella, Virtus Francavilla Calcio, Virtus Verona, Vis Pesaro 1898. (photo LegaPro)

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