“Esports is the most democratic way to enter the world of motors”


    Alberto Nasca She started simulating and she is very proud of it. There are drivers who brag that they grew up on go-karts, forgetting to mention the hundreds of thousands of euros that father and mother had to pull out, but not the hermit for which they are.”Motorsports in my DNA, but I grew up in a family that lived below the poverty line. “We are at Merbag, one of the largest Mercedes dealers in Italy, to showcase the cars that will race in 2022. There is an American monster that has a 5-liter V8 to run in European NASCAR CircuitAMG GT with one infinity wing and one legend car (Probably his favourite), the fast track miniature for the track on which the full Italian class championship races. Alberto (31 years old) is a driver who raced thanks to his commitment and endurance Content creator talentIn just a few years, she managed to amass more than a million followers across her platforms. After seeing his cars for the first time and introducing me to his teammate, Max Lanza He told me (who will compete in Euronascar) that his story is made of e-sports and passion.

    “My story begins when I realized I did it Big dream to be a pilot. It’s a dream that no one has passed on to me, unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because motors are a sport in which you only become a true professional if you have a lot of money or if you have someone to guide you into this world. It’s not like football That even from the neighborhood team, if you are very strong, you can reach the first division. When I realized this amazing passion was in my DNA, but I was born into a family that lived Below the poverty lineI told myself I would have to start working hard to be able to get where I want to.”

    How did you deal with the world of engines?

    “At the age of sixteen I said to myself: I want to do this in life, how do I get there? It started with a driving simulatorWhen esports wasn’t an esports yet. By winning a championship I won a test on the track I did really well but when they asked me How much money did I have I replied that I had 100 euros in the bank and they sent me (laughs). From there I said to myself ‘I will get a certificate that will make me rich when I grow up and make me participate in competitions’. That’s why I Enroll in computer engineeringA because it is the college that offers you the most possibilities. In the meantime, in my spare time I have been editing videos for the competitions on the simulators that I have been making. All of this mixed together in 2012 when I did a talent show at Abarth for aspiring drivers. To participate you had to make a video to introduce yourself thanks to my experience in simulators I quickly went straight away on the real car. I won it and took home a road car and a season as a driver. But then I found myself again. Three years after I left college, I sold the car I couldn’t keep much, and with the money I got Bought some cameras To create videos on the track and earn money.”

    How did you start your career as a YouTube user?

    “not exactly. For the first 5 years I made the videos and sold them but I didn’t drive or run. The boom came when I turned the camera 180 degrees and instead of photographing others I got myself ready. There I saw that if I speak in front of the camera it works because The videos have achieved hundreds of thousands of views. At that point, I realized it could become a job, so I looked for people to help me on the marketing level (Valley of Heroes) And now I have shepherds to run. in all this Esports was essential Because the driving simulator was without a doubt my entry point into this world. I started running in 2006 When the first simulation centers were created to train pilots. I didn’t even have a driver’s license. I won the championship and when I went to try out the real race car, With 6 clues for Fiat Panda Behind me, I was running two seconds slower than the pros who were there to take the tests. Learning to drive on the simulator makes you learn to feel the car and that always applies, no matter what you drive.”

    Is esports the most democratic way to get on the right track?

    The economic barrier to entry is virtually nonexistent Compared to real motorsport. Just an understated steering wheel, pedal board, and game. No need for anything else. The world’s highest rated iRacing player to play with until recently Logitech flyer for €200and became number one in the world. Real motorsport is 0.1% democratic, 90% in esports. Show skill and talent, the only thing missing is the fact that it inevitably Whoever has 8 hours a day to train wins. In fact, you can’t do many tests because they cost money and are often prohibited by the rules. The real driver is the one who can go fast with the car in an instant, to understand the conditions and Learn how the track behaves that day. I still have a lot of fun on the simulators, and I have a gaming channel that I run iRacing. It’s a great platform structurally, and the rating system is great, but unfortunately they can’t do realistic tire physics, it’s like running with wooden tires. In terms of physics, perhaps the Assetto Corsa can do a little better. On my gaming channel I will definitely be attending practice for this year’s races because I will be racing on important machines that have a digital equivalent. already with The NASCAR you trained in the simulator Before going to the Vellelunga circuit, the results have been seen and will appear. This is an essential step. Unfortunately I can’t stream every day so Twitch is not my favorite platform I will bring a lot of content on Youtube related to esports, including official competitions and tournaments.

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